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Can't Fuck Up a Party: Studio DTFU Has Your Friday Night Pregame

"Reach for the stars" and "follow your dreams" was the rhetoric when I was growing up, but they failed to mention that when "everybody's special," it's a hell of a lot harder to make it in a creative industry. See, I'm a kid of the '90s: The economy was baller, the president was getting blowjobs, navel rings made sense. When TLC warned, "Don't go chasin' waterfalls," I said Naw, I will go chasing them. And, now I have this handy condom in my shades, just in case.

But, these days it seems that many creative folk in artistic industries -- and those who wish to be -- are continually reminded that not everybody gets a chance to make it, and if you do, you better not fuck this up. don'tfuckthisupdon'tfuckthisupdon'tfuckthisupdon'tfuckthisupdon'tfuckthisupdon'tfuck

That's your mantra, kid. If you're going for it, you better bring the gold. And, that's just what the folks at Studio Don't Fuck This Up plan to do tonight at their second-ever opening. The studio/gallery formed in January as the brainchild of Lucy Kirkman and Justin Hunter Allen, artists who met at the prestigious Cooper Union in 2008 before gallivanting through France and Belgium to continue their study. Somehow, by the grace of the Flying Spaghetti Monster or Aqua Buddha, Dallas snagged them, and they've settled right here on 1st Avenue, a couple blocks from Fair Park.

So, now we haves Studio DTFU (see what they did there, yeah), which held its first opening in January among its grainy hardwoods and the massive sign pictured above. It's the type you might see enticing drivers into a roadside greasy spoon, and it now chiefly serves as an homage to the world's greatest expletives.

But, how's the art? Well, that you'll have to answer for yourself, and tonight is a good opportunity. Studio DTFU is holding their second opening between 7 and 10 p.m. for Justin Hunter Allen's eponymous, JVSX!Z HVZX3R A773Z. Hunter's exhibition will feature "large-format work in painting ... in the post-post style" and from what we've seen so far, there will be a hell of a lot of neon colors and sharks. Bad-ass sharks doing things like bursting forth from the ocean to chow down on a bald eagle and performing full gainers on variegated backgrounds.

Go get drunk and look at some sharks. That's what you'd be doing at home anyway, right?

There's parking in an adjacent lot, and you can call 540-222-3872 for entry. Check out Kirkman's and Allen's work at their respective websites before, and like Studio DTFU on Facebook to keep up with this budding gallery over its inaugural year.

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Brentney Hamilton