Dallas Women Cheat Because 'They Got a Little Bit More Backbone,' Ashley Madison President Says

Is this meme funny yet?
Is this meme funny yet? iStock
If you're reading this, then we assume you're having an extramarital affair.

Not to be harsh, but it's either you or your spouse. We assume this because Dallas was ranked the third-highest city in America for Ashley Madison users.

You know, Ashley Madison — the website where men and women in unsatisfying marriages go to cheat.

Happy Wednesday.

According to a new report that Ashley Madison released (and Ernst and Young calculated), Seattle has the most Ashley Madison users, followed by Denver and Dallas.

And better yet, nationally, for every one male on the site, there are 1.05 females on the site. But in Dallas, the number of females jumps to 1.6. To get any higher, you would need to go down to Latin America, says Ruben Buell, president of Ashley Madison.

"To me, it says something about Dallas women," Buell says. "They got a little bit more backbone to them, and they know what they like, and they're not afraid to get out there and ask for it."

"They got a little bit more backbone to them, and they know what they like, and they're not afraid to get out there and ask for it." – Ruben Buell

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The Arts District led the list of Dallas neighborhoods for female sign-ups on Ashley Madison, followed by North Lake Highlands, Casa View, Glencoe Park/Lower Greenville and Highland Park.

For male sign-ups, Arts District also led, followed by North Lake Highlands, Casa View, Kenwood and Pleasant Grove.

Seattle, Denver and Dallas are all progressive cities, Buell says, which could be the reason for number of website users.

"It's folks that are in certain parts of their lives, and that Cinderella story isn't exactly what it was supposed to be," Buell says. "But they're ready to take control and go out there and find what might be missing otherwise."

Home Depot is the most common gift card used in Dallas to buy credits. Starbucks and Target fall closely behind.

If you're thinking about cheating, go ahead and stock up on Home Depot gift cards, we guess, and know that Ashley Madison has your privacy in mind at all hours of the day — and won't let the July 2015 data breach happen again.

"I think the past couple of years the company has really, really focused on rebuilding the trust of the customer," Buell says. "So the customer experience is what we focus on every single day, and our core differentiator is discretion. So privacy and security is utmost important to us. It's the first thing we think about in the morning and the last thing we think about in the evening."

Happy cheating.
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