A Dallas Man Was Beaten Unconscious Outside Jenna Jameson's Birthday Party at Le Vu (Updated)

Ryan Ball didn't know that porn legend Jenna Jameson was having her birthday party at Le Vu on Friday night, or so he claims in his recap of the night on Reddit. He and a pair of friends just wanted to have a couple of drinks and settled on the brand-new Pacific Street club for reasons not at all connected to the adult entertainment industry.

Ball would have done better to get drunk somewhere else. He woke up the next morning in the emergency room at Baylor with, according to his Reddit post, a severe concussion; a dozen or so stitches; a fractured forehead and sinus cavity; an air bubble pressing against his brain that may or may not have been contaminated by bacteria from the fractured sinus cavity; a broken nose; a caved-in left cheek; and short-term memory loss. He remembers nothing after ordering the first round of drinks, a side effect of alcohol mixed with a grade 3 concussion.

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Eric Nicholson
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