10 Exotic Cars You Can Rent for the Day in Dallas (If You've Got the Dough)

It costs just shy of two grand to rent the Lamborghini Huracan.
It costs just shy of two grand to rent the Lamborghini Huracan. Exotic Skittles
Chances are that Santa didn't get you what you asked for. He thought the newest Maserati was a little too ostentatious. But if you have an extra grand lying around, you can fulfill that dream all on your own — for 24 hours anyway. These local dealerships and car rental businesses specialize in lending the coolest cars to people who aren't prepared to buy them. If you've got an event where you need to pretend you are cooler than you really are, you might consider putting some cash away and calling one of these places.

1. McLaren 570S
click to enlarge UPTOWN EXOTICS
Uptown Exotics
Car doors that open the traditional way are so boring. The McLaren 570S has doors that open straight up into the air and it's also got plenty of unconventional stuff under the hood, like a twin-turbo, 3.8-liter V-8 engine that can produce more than 500 hp and a seven-speed gearbox that pushes the rear wheels to their maximum speed of 204 mph.
Rental agency: Uptown Exotics
Daily price: $1,299
Perfect for: Driving past your ex's house so fast that they have to stop and think for a minute if that was really you behind the wheel

Global Autosports
2. Ferrari 458 Italia Spider
If you're going to borrow a Ferrari for a day, then it should have an Italian sounding name. One of these classic Italian machines only gets cooler when its name makes it sound like you had to drive in a Gumball Rally across Europe to pick it up from the factory. The Italia Spider is one of Ferrari's most expensive and specialized vehicles. You can actually have one custom built at the factory to your exact specifications. They may even put in those hand crank window rollers if you ask them nicely.
Rental agency: Global Autosports
Daily prices $1,800 on weekdays, $3,600 on weekends
Perfect for: Selling the illusion that you're not from around here thereby making you more attractive

3. Maserati GranTurismo MC Sport
click to enlarge AUTO EXOTIC RENTAL
Auto Exotic Rental
Maseratis are the make of car that Gordon Gekko would drive if he actually drove himself around town. They scream decadence and high status without being stuffy and pretentious. It's the super expensive equivalent of the billion dollar business owner who still drives around town in the same beat-up Ford pickup that he used to haul lumber around his old man's farm. The MC Sport version gives this brand of the super rich a little edge of coolness thanks to its sleek, muscle car-esque design and powerful V-8 engine that still lets you peel off the line whether you're drag racing or trying to get to the wine shop before they run out of Beluga caviar.
Rental agency: Auto Exotic Rental
Daily price: $599
Perfect for: Pretending you understand the stock market and your finances

4. Lamborghini Huracan (picture at top)
You can't go wrong with a Lamborghini. It's pretty much the ideal car for making total strangers say, "That person must have so much money they could literally burn some in a rusty oil barrel for fun." That's not to say they are worthless cars. You get what you pay for and then some but they aren't the most economical vehicles. They give you way more power than anyone needs to get from Point A to Point B. They guzzle down gas like a frat freshmen doing a keg stand. They have an iconic look and style that is responsible for 25 percent of the markup. It's a total status symbol car but it's still really fun to drive and the Huracan is one of the best, new additions to this storied car family.
Rental agency: Exotic Skittles
Daily price: $1,999 per night
Perfect for: Looking like you want to race someone where ever you go

click to enlarge AUTO EXOTIC RENTAL
Auto Exotic Rental
5. Porsche Carrera S Convertible
To drive most of these cars for a day, you have to fork over the average monthly rent for a Dallas resident and the water bill for the entire apartment complex to boot. If you don't have that kind of money to throw around, there are some other options. Porsches are basically budget cars for the elite driver and way more accessible. Even people who don't know a Bugatti Veyron from a used Yugo know they are high-class cars. They may not be the fastest or meanest thing on the road but they can still turn a few heads and the Carrera S Convertible model is one of the cooler options with its sporty design and lightning fast acceleration time.
Rental agency: Auto Exotic Rental
Daily price: $399
Perfect for: The liar who's on a tight budget

6. Audi R8 V-8
click to enlarge APEX EXOTIC RENTALS
Apex Exotic Rentals

Say you want something that's fast and mean but you don't want to look like a driving extra from a Fast and Furious sequel. You want class and taste but you still want to be able to tear up the road in a highway, man-check racing emergency. Audi is always your best bet in this case. It's got the look of a stuffy luxury vehicle but it's got a mean set of hardware under the hood that can tear up a road faster than you can say, "Let the peasants deal with the potholes."
Rental agency: Apex Exotic Rentals
Daily price: $649 per day
Perfect for: Being the first person to make it to Washington D.C. in time for Donald Trump's inauguration

click to enlarge BOSS EXOTICS
Boss Exotics
7. Bentley GT
Then again, maybe all you really care about when you drive is the status and prestige that the look of your car conveys to your fellow driver. You don't care if there are a row of hamster wheels powering the pistons in your engine as long as the bodywork and design make you look like you're driving in the literal lap of luxury. Bentley is pretty much a status symbol car that serves just this purpose and that's why it's the preferred brand of hedge fund managers and five-star rappers all over the world.
Rental agency: BOSS Exotics
Daily price: $1,300 per day
Perfect for: Being Donald Trump's backup ride to his inauguration

click to enlarge AUTO EXOTIC RENTAL
Auto Exotic Rental
8. Aston Martin Vantage Roadster N420
Imagine that you're driving your dream car. Who would you imagine that you imagine you are when you're driving it in your mind? If you answered James Bond in this Inception-like scenario, then there's only one car you should put on your shopping list. The Aston Martin screams cool no matter who's driving it because they are made to look, sound and smell cool. They aren't 'roided up to look more powerful than they are like most muscle cars but they also aren't made to seem stuffy and cold. They are street legal cars with a racing attitude no matter how you drive them.
Rental agency: Auto Exotic Rental
Daily rate: $699
Perfect for: Looking like you're on a mission even though you're just going out for frozen yogurt

Global Auto Sports
9. Rolls-Royce Ghost
Rolls-Royces may seem like pure status symbols thanks to the love they've gained from royal families and third-world dictators who diverge money from the grain silo fund to buy a whole fleet of them. That doesn't mean a Rolls Royce isn't a powerful piece of machinery. The Ghost model has a V12 engine that screams off the line. It's a deceptive feat of automotive engineering. Plus, those third-world dictators need a car that can outrun a late-breaking coup.
Rental agency: Global Autosports
Daily rate: $1,000 per weekday, $2,000 on weekends
Perfect for: Making people wonder if a former president or foreign dignitary is in town

10. Chevrolet Bel Air
click to enlarge DFW VINTAGE CARS
DFW Vintage Cars

You can't go wrong with the classics. Sure, the cars from the '50s were big, bulking houses on wheels but that made them feel roomy and fun. They weren't like the modern automotive marvel that are so tight that you can tell you've put on weight by the time you exited the car. Chevy definitely had the coolest looking design in the '50s with their flashy, front designs and rear tails that looked like you were flying a supersonic jet on the road, and the Bel Air looks like the most fun to drive just for the looks you'll get on the road.
Rental agency: DFW Vintage Cars
Daily rate: Unknown
Perfect for: Making the Dallas news media speculate that Hulu is filming a sequel to
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