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Dallas Artists Show Off Their Snow Storm Creations

A hippo outside of his natural habitat, courtesy of the Texas snow.
A hippo outside of his natural habitat, courtesy of the Texas snow. Steven Novak
The past week in Dallas has been referred to as Snow-vid, Dallaska, "The coldest week of my life," or, in the case at least of one Texas senator, “vacation-time.”

Artists were out and about in the Texas-sized winter wonderland trying to find ways to forget that most of their friends and families were out of power and freezing cold. All crises aside, creators are gonna create. We spoke to local artists about how they spent their time during the deep freeze.

Ottoman Turks
We last caught up with local outlaw country garage rock outfit Ottoman Turks to talk about conspiracies and how they relate to their forthcoming video for their single “Conspiracy Freak.”

Over the snowy days, the band joined the world of TikTok and to celebrate the occasion, they released “Shotgunnin,’” a new ditty in which the Turks join each other by satellite in a shotgun ritual — to varying degrees of success. Featured briefly in the video is a dog in little snow-booties, which is a nice touch.

King Clam
Local rock outfit King Clam spent their snowed-in times imagining themselves as Southern pie-makers unaware of the outside horror.

“Amidst the snowpocalypse we neared insanity and from that insanity, a warm cherry pie was born,"
Skyler Creedence, one of the two female leads in the band, explained, in a mock Scarlett O’Hara accent. "The bushels in the yard just can’t hold up to that there wintery weather we experienced so me and the band looked out yonder into the yard and we knew what we needed to do! The cherries would’ve died, ya see, kind stranger! We had no choice!”

Creedence went on to drop the accent and add that a show they have coming up this Saturday, Feb. 27, at Lola’s Trailer Park in Fort Worth was the real impetus for all of the snowy pie-baking.

“We figured that, if from now on if we have to promote a show, we might as well be able to eat it after,” Creedence said.
Steven Novak
Artist Steven Novak made international headlines last year for his gory Halloween decorations, and he's clearly trying to one-up himself with his winter yard art.

“When the news said that Dallas was hit with more snow than it’s seen in decades and the power was out statewide I knew just what I had to do: collect as much snow as possible with my bare hands," he said.

The snow sculpture, according to Novak, is Taj Mahal-esque in its scope. Only instead of being a functioning mausoleum, it’s just where heat goes to die.

“My girlfriend Rose loves this viral hippo online, Fiona the Baby Hippo, so I decided I’d surprise her with an 8-foot-by-4-foot igloo of her favorite hippo.”

“This is my third snow sculpture in my yard actually,” Novak said with this trademark joie de vivre. “The 7-foot tall ‘Steven the Snowman’ years ago is still my favorite, but let’s hope climate instability keeps giving me more chances to one-up it."
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