Your Ultimate Dallas Gift Guide

Bring back cards.
Bring back cards. courtesy Read Between the Lines Instagram

Oh yeah, it’s that time of year. Again? Again. Normally it’s time to start panicking, but this year is going to be different. You’ll have more time to panic but not about holiday gift shopping. You got this. What’s better than shopping local? Shopping online. And what’s better than shopping online? SHOPPING ONLINE LOCALLY. You don’t even have to get off the couch to get any gifts this year, yet your loved ones will think you were all over DFW running special errands strictly for them. It’s all a lie, though, just like the life update you provide your family during Thanksgiving dinner. Here’s some of our favorite Dallas shops to stop into (or browse upon) this season.

Read Between the Lines
This is the only place to buy cards anymore. Let’s bring back supporting the greeting card industry. This is honestly the best part of gifts — the addition of a card. It’s so important, and people love it. Most of the shop is for cards, but there is everything else to love. Great candles, flirty match boxes, stationary, prints and pennants. You’ll wander around and find yourself grabbing five to six little things every time you stop in. Grab a couple of items and make a gift basket; it’s perfect. But the least you can do is fork over $6 so your loved one can throw the card away after skimming the inside to see there’s no money.

Grapevine Olive Oil Co.
Dinner parties are something you do as an adult. How classy is it to have flavored olive oils for guests? It’s like grown-up Frank’s RedHot — put that shit on everything. Just leave it on the table at your next dinner party and people will at least be impressed at your taste. It’s easy to buy, too. There are gift boxes of their most popular flavors ready to grab.

courtesy Society Instagram

Society, which sells candles and home fragrances, is located in Bishop Arts. Stumble in here after brunch to just soak up all the smells. There are the several options both for fragrance and aesthetics. Buy one as a gift, buy one for yourself. You deserve it! The selection is endless.

courtesy Lone Chimney Mercantile

Anything from the Farmers Market — particularly Lone Chimney Mercantile
There’s more than just food and produce to get at the Farmers Market. (The tamales in the back are delicious. Christmas is coming). There’s plenty of plants and knickknacks that you could waste all day on. A cute shop inside is called Lone Chimney Mercantile. Tons of prints of DFW landmarks and other icons from all across Texas fill the space. It will quickly become a go-to gift stop once you make your first visit. More than prints, there are cards and other home decor among the same theme. It’s so easy to find something you like.

Local Beer, Wine or Coffee
This one is too easy, but it’s solid. If you’re not really sure what to get someone, just grab your favorite six-pack from Deep Ellum Brewing Co. Or your favorite red from Messina Hof Grapevine Winery. Or a few ounces of your favorite beans from Full City Rooster coffee. Support local beer! And coffee. Wine is probably the better poison to give away as gifts, and it’s always well received when you handpick it from a local place rather than some Two Buck Chuck.

Mizzen and Main
The most comfortable button-up shirt you ever tried on is from right here in Dallas. Pause this article to check out the hilarious commercial featuring Phil Mickelson. This company is really picking up steam and will kick-start your addiction as soon as you put one on. You can finally get your dad to update his wardrobe with something he’ll be happy to wear. Double it up, grab a sweater and introduce him to layers.

courtesy Wandering Paper Co Instagram

Wandering Paper Co and Landry Print Co
Local prints are dope. Wandering Paper is based in Dallas and Landry Print is up in Denton, but we'll allow it. Both companies offer beautiful prints, cards, T-shirts and other cute miscellaneous items. It’s mostly Dallas- or North Texas-themed items, but there is something for everyone (bicycles, records, ampersands).

courtesy ReGEARED Instagram

Everything is made from reclaimed bicycle chains! And bikes are cool, so they make the cut for the article. They have tons of bottle openers and coasters, some wall clocks and various state art.

Season 2 Unlimited
All items are repurposed from retired wine barrels. They offer wine racks, coat racks, serving trays, etc. A favorite is the item called “The Date Night.” It sits on top of a wine neck and has two grooves to slide in some wine glass stems. It makes for a wonderful presentation when positioned next to two warm, romantic cups of Easy Mac!

courtesy Sasha's Hand Poured Instagram

Sasha’s Hand Poured
For the hairiest man in your life! These are wonderful beard balms and soaps to keep your beard looking tame. Simple, clean and great fragrance offerings. They offer lip balms, lotions, beard oils and even an all-natural diaper balm! Sasha’s lip balms taste so good you’ll want to spread it on crackers. If you want to get a sniff of a few products, wander around and visit their shop in Richardson Mercantile.
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