Dallas makeup artist Kim Jones must be good for other makeup artists to trust her.EXPAND
Dallas makeup artist Kim Jones must be good for other makeup artists to trust her.
courtesy Kim Jones

Meet the Dallas Makeup Artist Working on Jeffree Star's Makeup Campaign

Makeup artist Kim Jones, a Dallas native, has worked with some of the most well-known makeup artists in the country, including Jeffree Star and Patrick Starrr.

While under the wing of Dallas photographer Jessy J., Jones established her career and got the opportunity to work with Star on his summer campaigns in 2016 and 2017. On the 2016 campaign, Jones was the makeup artist for the models. In 2017, Jones did the makeup for YouTuber Laura Lee and another model.

“My experience with Jeffree was great,” she said. “He was kind to me and paid me well.”

Starrr flew Jones to New York City to do his makeup for an interview on Live With Kelly and Ryan.

“Patrick has always been so kind,” Jones says. “We started our Instagram accounts around the same time, so that’s how we met. He has always been so humble as well and such a great friend.”

Jones freelances full time and makes money through Instagram by being affiliated with Morphe and other companies. If a consumer uses her code, she gets a percentage of the profit. Jones also has her own storefront on Amazon.

Her success is no doubt great, but the journey was not easy or expected.

Jones was raised in West Dallas. With five younger siblings and parents with addiction problems, she cared for her younger siblings for most of her life. Now, her mother is sober and closer with Jones, but her father is in prison.

“I grew up really fast and didn’t really have a childhood,” Jones says.

Jones found herself happy at school, which she and her husband, whom she’s been with for 18 years, attended together.

“He’s been my rock,” she says.

In high school, Jones found herself attracted to the arts. Once out of school, she practiced makeup on herself and others and posted the work on Instagram. It wasn’t until 2012 that Jones decided makeup art was her path. However, she was taking care of her brother and did not have the money for cosmetology school.

“I started investing in makeup with my own money, which I didn’t really have at the time,” she says. “I posted every day religiously on Instagram.”

By utilizing social media tools, Jones began building a platform. She continued to educate herself by going to classes and workshops that popped up in Dallas.

“I can do everything but special effects,” she says.

With her practice and previous work with celebrity artists, Jones gained fame in the community. Lady Jade from K104-FM has a nonprofit called Project 16 that serves underprivileged youths. Jones was nominated for one of Jade's Local Love Awards for minority businesses, entrepreneurs and local humanitarian organizations.

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