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Five Favorite Things: Arrissa and Alan McCoy

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If you’re interested in local yokels, they don’t get more yokel than these two. One’s from Plano and the other, Fort Worth. It’s a classic tale of modern romance where boy and girl meet aboard a Richard Branson space flight. (Not really, they met online, but who cares? SPACE JETS.) Her name is Arrissa McCoy and she’s a successful lady lawyer. His name is Alan McCoy and he’s a fun loving advertising copywriter. Together they make up the hashtag #meetthemccoys, but with such a common last name, lots of other people make up that hashtag too. Eh, you win some, you lose some. Anyway, these two knuckleheads have a lot in common (like a love of dogs with disproportionately short legs), but when they got married and moved in together they realized that their home styles weren’t one of those things. They like a lot of the same things, but they’re not like that one Coors Light commercial …TWIIIINS.

Alan’s style is collector-vintage-old stuff-one-of-a-kind.

Arrissa’s style is modern-glam-luxe-black-and-white. 

Alan likes to shop at The Dump. JK, guys. He really likes to shop at places like Curated and Curiosities. Arrissa described his style as “quirky, mechanical, industrial.” She likes to shop at a considerably longer list: Jonathan Adler, Set & Co., M’antiques, One Kings Lane, Goss & Main, Gilt, West Elm, CB2, Restoration Hardware, Williams Sonoma, Mitchell Gold and Bob Williams. So, uh, yeah, there’s a little bit of a difference in the styles of those stores, but these two little lovebirds really make it work, and in case you were wondering, this is how they did it. (Sing that like Montell Jordan.)

Presenting the official Alan and Arrissa Favorite 5...
Alan and Arrissa have an incredibly talented friend named Kelly Hoke who designed their wedding invitations as a gift. One design contained a logo that led these two to the taunt, “You’re not a real couple unless you have a logo.” The logo featured here was laser cut (possibly by cats) at Southern Fried Paper. It originally decorated the cake table and miraculously survived the sugar stampede.

Neon Sign
It’s a Beyoncé lyric, AH DUH. Arrissa kind of, okay, obsessively, likes Beyoncé, so she bought this neon sign as a gift for Alan, but secretly it was a gift to herself. You get to do that when you get married, have an understanding husband, and also want kickass things.
Felix Picture
Arrissa’s friend, Mary, owns a gallery in New York. One day she told Arrissa, “You need to start collecting art.” Never one to argue, Arrissa bought this piece. Alan pointed out that though it looks like a single photograph of a foam party in Ibiza, it’s actually several photographs layered together. ART!

The Bench
Alan likes to tinker in his spare time and every now and then he makes something like this bench. It’s made from recycled wood flooring because when he visited the architectural salvage store, that was all they had and Alan likes to make shit happen.
Walls of Merged Style
When Alan and Arrissa moved into their house they got a case of the vapors when they realized the seriously staggering number of built-in shelves. Luckily they remembered they literally had two households worth of knickknacks to fill the space. Arrissa worked on these particular shelves one weekend and rearranged them several times, so don’t feel like an idiot if you don’t nail it out of the gate. I mean, you’re welcome to feel like an idiot, just not for this one particular thing.

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