Giant Artist Ed Bearden's Work For Sale Online

You'd be remiss not to cruise on over to Unfair Park this morning if you failed to see Robert's weekend post on a pencil sketch by the Dallas Nine's Ed Bearden. Bearden, a Hilltop art professor, was known largely, but not-too-widely for his Giant portraits. And yes, that's Giant, as in the James Dean vehicle shot in Marfa.

Robert offers a fully linked history lesson on Bearden's artful impact in Dallas (only further supporting our theory that R-Dub really should teach a Dallas 101 course in his spare time).

Seems especially appropriate considering the history, that the sketch up for bid on eBay is of our fair city's 1960s skyline. Oh, and Big D circa the 1960s is also featured on the Arthur's menu available on Bonanza.

Four days left on the sketch auction, so peep and bid accordingly.

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