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Good/Bad Art Collective Project Unveils an Existential Secret (Operators Are Standing by)

FOREVER Trailer from Jason Reimer on Vimeo.

Xchange, Nasher's citywide public art initiative, wraps on February 16, and they've saved a little something special for the end. Or rather, dual-time zone art collective Good/Bad has.

The group has constructed a short film designed to sell an existential secret, redeemable on your deathbed. It's called CURTAINS (get it?) and they'll deliver the goods in the most humorous way possible, as a 3 a.m. infomercial premiering February 7 on KTXA Channel 21.

You might remember stage one of this project: On a Saturday night in October, Good/Bad invited folks to participate during a visit their workspace/lair, on-loan Bryan Tower studio. There, colored fabrics were stitched and hung to resemble a television channel that's signed off. Curious 3D mapping sat center stage and those who attended were made to move through the space -- crawling, dancing and walking awkwardly -- all while being filmed.

Observer alumn and Brookhaven professor Daniel Rodrigue said the experience "made [him] feel used." And that he "kinda liked that."

Our photographer Catherine Downes said she felt like she'd stepped inside a David Lynch film.

I just watched the final product. It premieres for public consumption on late-night television at 3 a.m. Friday morning (think Thursday night), February 7. And without giving away too much, I believe both Daniel and Catherine were predicatively accurate. Almost freakishly so.

CURTAINS weaves together October's community interaction footage with a long, windy narrative, told by a man dressed like an angelic Colonel Sanders. He whittles -- time, tales, wood, philosophy -- as he bides his long grift. Solutions to your search, it seems, are obtainable through a toll-free number.

It'll air when we're our most vulnerable. Awake because our neighbor is having sex and we aren't. Because we suffer from migraines, shift work or insomnia. Because we're half-drunk, Googling "Dallas taco delivery."

At 3 a.m., everyone desires something.

Get updates and read more on the Good/Bad website. We'll dig deeper into this as the air date moves closer.

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