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I Got an Anonymous Email Bashing LeeAnne Locken, Everyone Is Freaking Out

Just after noon Tuesday, I received an "anonymous" email from a ReeAnne Rocken from the address [email protected] The subject line reads, "An almost open letter about Leeanne Locken of the Real Housewives of Dallas" and the email, suffice to say, was pointedly uncomplimentary of Housewife Locken's character and behavior.

We consulted with IT gurus and Dallas area hackers, who suggested we look at the header code of the email, as in, hit the down arrow of the Gmail account and click "show original." The text "" was found, meaning the email is presenting itself to look like it came from that website — as in Housewife Cary Deuber's website. Deuber's rep denied it came from her or her husband or anyone from Bravo. According to Instagram, Deuber was on vacation in Turks and Caicos, anyway.
Also in the header is the word "SoftFail." A quick Google search tells me SoftFail is "~all," meaning the domain can still be spoofed because "most email servers allow mail to still go through with that error. A complete fail is '-all' which means if it doesn't come from any of the assigned IPs or MX, it's fake and do not trust it."

After further inquiry, the hackers also determined the sender's IP address originated in Amsterdam. That seems to support the idea that the email is phony and did not come from Deuber or her website. In any case, whoever sent it went to lengths to make it look like it came from Someone really has something against the Housewives, and Locken in particular, and wanted to use Deuber as a scapegoat. 

The email is full of misspellings, double spaces after periods and salacious claims that can't be confirmed. It goes on to attack Locken's friends, including Heidi Dillon, Cynthia Smoot and Tiffany Hendra. The email is signed, "Sincerely, The ones who lived to tell."

None of the accusations are particularly shocking — the women have said far worse about one another on the show. If you watch it, Locken has said Deuber started seeing her husband while he was still married. Locken also sat down with Deuber and Stephanie Hollman to say they shouldn't be friends with Brandi Redmond. 

The weird part is that Deuber's husband, Mark, called me Wednesday night and asked me very sternly about the story. Word must have gotten to them after I reached out to Deuber's rep. He put his attorney on the phone to question me and then double and triple assure me the email didn't come from the couple. Deuber got on the line and said she is a "normal" person and wouldn't send this kind of email. 

So, as this not-sent-by-Deuber email bashing Locken with mean, unsupported, but ironically Real Housewives-esque claims makes its way around the Internet, the question remains: Why on earth is everyone freaking out? That afraid of pissing off LeeAnne Locken, huh?
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