(Not Safe For Work) Failure at Dallas Contemporary: No, Not Entirely.

Celebrity and consumerism build the flavor base for Decade of Aggression, the new exhibit by Austin street artist, Failure.

Continue on to witness Failure's gritty world of nipples and gas masks.

Currently on display in the Dallas Contemporary's 155 foot long hallway known as Gallery 2, the artist takes ads and reworks them as statements.

I think there's a universal urge to deface those AA ads. Sure, I resist. But if one more wispy damsel informs me to drop $40 on pre-ripped, mustard-colored jeggings, I, too, might just reach for the Sharpie.

The difference between a quick defacing and Failure's approach to self-expression is that the artist goes big. He culls those images. He blows them up. He plasters the hallway with piece upon piece until there is no escape.

You're in his reality now.

And in Failure's world every face receives its comeuppance, via tagline. You can catch Decade of Aggression in it's oversized-sized glory -- for free -- until March 18.

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