Take Our Money: The Coolest Products and Gifts Made in Dallas

These penis lamps are a hard yes from us.EXPAND
These penis lamps are a hard yes from us.
Tiffany Fullerton
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In Dallas you can be anything, so why be basic? Our city has many talented artists ready to spice up your home or wardrobe. Whether you’re projecting penile shadows to bring to life your phallic phantasy, or channeling your inner Nicki Minaj with Barbie shoe earrings, you were born to stand out. Here are some of our favorite vendors and artists creating fixtures and products just as quirky as you are.

Penis-shaped lamps by Juniper St. Butcher.

Want to shock your friends and family next time they come to visit? Be-dick your home with penis-shaped lamps designed by artist Juniper St. Butcher. You can stick them onto a wall or cock them up on a table. Visit Juniper’s shop, where you can also order vibrant vulva lamps to complete your collection.

These tea sets come with special messages for your guests.
These tea sets come with special messages for your guests.
Caitlin Schart

Vulgar Tea Cups by Caitlin Schart

As a stay-at-home mom, Caitlin Schart has found creative ways to spend her time. In 2017, she founded Vulgar Tea Cups, specializing in cups, saucers, plates and other glassware with raunchy messages. Among her top sellers is a plate that reads “Kindly fuck off” and a cup that reads “You’ve been poisoned” at the bottom. You can buy her glassware at the official Vulgar Tea Cups online store or at Favor the Kind in Dallas.

When you can't go anywhere with a bottle of Tajin, carry some on your ears.
When you can't go anywhere with a bottle of Tajin, carry some on your ears.
Anita Sanchez

Anne’s Disasters by Anita Sanchez

In order to look festive from head to toe, you have to start with your head. Anne’s Disasters has an incredible selection of earrings to make you look like the most festive guest at the function. Some of her earrings are made out of Legos and Barbie shoes, or shaped like carrots. To purchase her collection, message Sanchez on her official Instagram page, or catch her at the Como La Flor market in Oak Cliff on March 28. 

Wine Condoms by Laura Bartlett and Mitch Strahan

You’ve got to wrap things up to keep them fresh, but sometimes squeezing a cork into a tight bottle opening can prove to be a challenge. Mother-son duo Laura Bartlett and Mitch Strahan have created a nifty solution. Wine condoms are tiny latex wrapped perfectly sized to fit over the tube of a wine bottle, keeping your wine protected, fresh and fermented. Visit the official wine condoms store to get yourself a pretty package.

Texas-themed T-shirts and housewares at BullZerk

There’s so much more to Dallas than the ball tower and the Dallas Cowboys. Granted, you might have to live in DFW to understand the T-shirts from BullZerk, but the inside joke factor makes it all the more fun. Some of the funny statement tees include one that reads “Plano: Fancy As F**k” and another that reads “It’s Hard to be Humble When You’re From Southlake.” Even more timely is a T-shirt with the infamous leaning tower of Dallas that reads “Dallas: You Can Push Us, But We Still Won’t Fall (Right Away.)"

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.


Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.