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No, Tom Cruise Is Not Running for President

No, Tom Cruise Is Not Running for President
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Miles Fisher has an incredible Tom Cruise impression. So incredible, that some people actually fell for his impression and believe the Tom Cruise is running for office as the president of the United States.

A few months ago, Fisher, a Dallas native, uploaded a video of his take of what it would look like if "the last American movie star" ran for president. Like, literally ran.

"I'm not just your every man," Fisher says as Cruise, while sprinting through the desert. "I've literally been every man. I've been a Navy pilot, a lawyer and a Navy lawyer. My opponents will say I was a pimp in high school; it's true. But I grew up fast in NASCAR country and started a small business as a sports agent to set a better example." Titles of his movies appear on the screen after every reference. The video has more than 3 million views.

Along with the video, there's even a fake website complete with the campaign video and Cruise's fake platform.

"America deserves the real deal. A president with perfect hair, who rides a motorcycle, and knows how to throw grenades ... with his teeth," the site reads.

Fisher did not return our requests for an interview, but we've been fans of his for a while. He spoofed Cruise in 2008's Superhero Movie, he worked with comedian Kyle Mooney before he joined the SNL cast, and he was a main character in the comedy Believe Me, directed by Highland Park native Will Bakke.

Fisher seems to be letting the video stand on its own and is not saying too much in interviews. Actress Sharon Stone saw it, however, and tweeted that she would like to be chief of staff.

With other Hollywood stars teasing that they might run for president, like Oprah and Kanye, it's not shocking that people saw this video and believed it. But Snopes cleared it up: False.

But what if?
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