There's no bah humbugging this Christmas. A Plano theater company wants everyone to get a chance to see Scrooge.EXPAND
There's no bah humbugging this Christmas. A Plano theater company wants everyone to get a chance to see Scrooge.
courtesy North Texas Performing Arts

‘God Bless Us, Every One!’ North Texas Performing Arts’ Scrooge the Musical Gives Back

Tonight kicks off the ninth year of North Texas Performing Arts’ annual production of Scrooge the Musical. It might ring a bell. It's Christmas time around 1843, and Ebenezer Scrooge (Darrell Rodenbaugh) has spent much of his life neglecting his loved ones and acquiring material possessions. He is granted one last chance for redemption on Christmas Day.

Rodenbaugh, who will be reprising his role as Scrooge for the ninth time, believes he learns a little more about himself each time he performs this role.

“It’s an invigorating role,” the actor says. “It’s wonderfully challenging. It’s got its great dynamics, from nasty, angry, difficult Scrooge to kind of a rebirth and renewal. The show has a powerful message about redemption and forgiveness.”

This year’s production of Scrooge the Musical will feature 60 adults and children from the North Texas region. The cast will contain a mix of both amateur and professional actors. Mike Mazur is directing the play, with Kaitlyn Wright as the music director and DeeDee Munson handling choreography.

“NTPA has a long history of hiring excellent directors,” Rodenbaugh says. “Our staff is awesome to work with. The cast and crew are really remarkable. It’s probably got a higher content of acting professionals than we’ve had in years. I really think we’re going to bring a quality production and give our audiences a spectacular show.”

In the spirit of Christmas, North Texas Performing Arts will use a couple of showings of Scrooge the Musical to give back to the community.

“This year, we're giving away two full houses to military members and veterans,” Rodenbaugh says. “We’re doing 12 different performances and we’re giving two of them away. My understanding is that every child will get a gift bag, they will get free concessions and Santa will be there. It’s really NTPA’s way of giving back.”

Santa and Mrs. Claus will make an appearance at a pop-up workshop before each show, and the audience will be able to sing along with the cast during pre-show Christmas carols. There will also be post-show photo-ops with Scrooge, Tiny Tim and the rest of the cast.

Tickets for Scrooge the Musical are available for purchase at ntparep.org.

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