Hank Vaughn


Hank Vaughn
Roman Murphy had been the executive chef at Lovers Seafood but now has found a new home at their latest venture, Dea, a fine-dining Italian restaurant that promises to "transport yourself to the European coast" and to “curate a culinary experience unlike any other” while serving “transportive cuisine in an elegant setting,” drawing inspiration from such cities as Palermo, Naples, Ibiza, Positano and Valencia. The meatballs come three to an order and were beef and pork based, with sugo, grated Grana Padano and fresh herbs. These were flavorful if not quite Nonna-worthy, the consistency is a bit too firm, but overall, a fine effort. Bonus points for them calling the tomato sauce sugo as well. Thumbs up. Definitely go for the casarecce arrabiata: tenderly braised octopus that still had a slight grilled flavor which we love, with casarecce all in an arrabbiata tomato sauce, with bone marrow and citrus bread crumbs garnished atop all. Definitely yumsville, the only downside being we wanted more.

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