Eight Bells Alehouse

Kathy Tran
Conservas, or foods preserved in cans or jars, are considered a delicacy in parts of Spain and Portugal, and their allure as a specialty food is slowly spreading. Here in Dallas you’ll find them at Eight Bells Alehouse in Expo Park, where the owners of Ten Bells Tavern have taken over the recently closed Amsterdam Bar and made it their own. Grab a pint from the nitrogen-delivered selection including Guinness and Old Speckled Hen. Then peruse the selection of canned fishes, infinitely better than the tins you can buy at the grocery store for a couple of dollars. Mackerel, sardines, cockles and mussels, all packed carefully by hand with the best integrity and then plated with care in Eight Bell’s miniscule kitchen. If canned fish isn’t your thing, there are sandwiches as well. They’re good, but only half as interesting.