10 Intriguing Classic Rock Albums to Watch for in 2012

Most all of us know the deal when it comes to new music from a famous, old school rock artist:

It's a waiting game.

A waiting game daunted with a lot of vague answers, and sometimes pretty flaky behavior. Some would say this is due to the pace set by successful artists who are no longer as hungry to get that new stuff out, but rather, are used to very long breaks in between very long (and hopefully profitable) nostalgia or reunion tours.

Key phrases like "slated for," and "anticipating" a new release aren't much help for us fans. Not to mention shit like "pushed back indefinitely." It's cause for a big sigh. And in many cases, cause to move forward and explore new music instead (not too shabby of an idea at all).

However, dammit, we just can't help but wonder when those new Van Halen songs will emerge, and (of course) if they're any damn good at all! Speaking of--the VH camp has easily been the worst culprit of rockstar-new-release-flakiness in 2011, after reportedly beginning work on the new songs over 11 months ago, and keeping a complete mum on any word of a release date.

Still, 2012 is shaping up to be an exciting year for classic rock artists releasing new songs. Whether or not they're any good or not, remains to be seen, but the anticipation for those of us who are fans from way back, the anticipation is undeniable.

Let's see what we can see as of press time from a big stack of rock artists' vague agendas:

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Alan Ayo