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30 Reasons to Be Excited for Dallas Music in 2015

Welcome to 2015, and a solid three or four months of having to correct yourself every time you accident write "2014." (Good thing no ever writes anything by hand anymore, am I right?) It's the first full week of January, and we here at DC9 at Night are ready to stop with all the nostalgia for the year past; our sights are fully set on the year ahead and all the wonderful things that the local music scene has to offer for us. If Dallas music has been on the rise in recents years, then it only looks set to keep moving up in 2015. Here are 30 reasons that we're especially excited for the next 12 months in local music.

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1. The return of the Bomb Factory

2. And the similar return of 35 Denton

3. Parade of Flesh's always badass Spillover, featuring Liars and an upgraded Under the Bridge stage

4. The string of Dallas shows following SXSW

5. The ACM awards coming to AT&T Stadium and bringing all the biggest country stars to town

6. Brain Gang member Bobby Sessions working with -topic on solo project The Law of Attraction

7. And fellow Brain Gang alum, Love JT, working with Dr. Dre in Los Angeles and sitting courtside at Lakers games, unamused

8. A recently re-energized Tony Williams means the young R&B and soul community now has its long awaited shepherd

9. Watching where the experimental and noise scenes go, with the help of events like the Outward Bound Mixtape Sessions at Crown & Harp

10. -topic continuing to curate a unique and eclectic community of creatives under his Something Proper branding

11. Artists like Kaytranda, Sango and Dpat expanding the popularity of beats culture in Dallas

12. 16Bars.XXX throwing an even more successful array of parties and showcases

13. Dark Rooms' new album 

14. Watching Transmission Events get into full swing with their local booking

15. Gitmo Records and everything about the local hip hop scene

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