50 Reasons to Be Thankful for Dallas Music

Well folks, welcome to the best week of the year. "Why's that?" you might ask. Because Thanksgiving is this Thursday and it's the best holiday of the year. (Just ask our resident Englishman about it.) It's one of the rare times of the year when we all get to slow down, however briefly, and contemplate all of the things that we so often taken for granted -- friends, family, our health and well being.

For those of us here at DC9 at Night, Thanksgiving is also a chance to consider just how much we appreciate the music scene here in Dallas. As a token of our appreciation, we pulled together a list of the things we're most grateful for in our scene. The hardest part was narrowing it down to just 50 of them.

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1. The grandeur of Scott Beggs' mutton chops

2. The brilliance of the Dallas promoter mafia

3. Anything the Gonzalez family does, from Yells at Eels to Outward Bound Mixtape Sessions to the La Rondalla program

4. The inspired weirdness of George Quartz's musical performance art

5. Art Pena and his roving DIY space Vice Palace

6. 1919 Hemphill making it to its 12th anniversary

7. Gas Monkey Live sacrificing their brand-new floor to 90 gallons of fake GWAR blood

8. Moshing at a Blue the Misfit show

9. Seeing Power Trip and not getting another concussion doing it

10. Metal concerts at a taqueria, because metal concerts at a taqueria

11. The endless costume closet of Josh Hammertimez and Oliver Peck at Good Luck Karaoke

12. The rebirth of DJ Sober's Big Bang at the Beauty Bar

13. Red Light Lounge finally giving us a dance club in Deep Ellum

14. Going out of our minds at It'll Do Club

15. The new hardwood floor, carpet and disco ball at Crown & Harp

16. Michael Briggs all but running the whole Denton music scene out of his living room

17. Getting a slice and a Schlitz and catching a basement show at J&J's Pizza

18. Red Bull Sound Select bringing us great shows every month and only charging $3 to get in

19. Bob Crawford's starring role in Dan Deacon's Index Festival dance off

20. Seeing Index Festival and Oaktopia embrace their cities and come into their own

21. The impending return of 35 Denton

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22. Going Behind the Screen at Texas Theatre

23. Listening to The Ticket skewer bro country on "Fun with Country Music"

24. Paul Slavens' wonderfully quirky approach to radio on KXT

25. Boom 94.5 FM and Hot 93.3 FM for giving us two radio stations with old school hip hop

26. The jukebox at Twilite Lounge

27. The arrival of a new generation of record stores like Dead Wax, Spinster and Josey

28. Off the Record fostering conversation with the High Fidelity Lecture Series

29. Tim DeLaughter's collection of lavish robes

30. Drinking a beer at the Sundown before a show at the Granada Theater

31. Chris McDonald's promotional antics

32. Gavin Mulloy's hustle

33. Homegrown Festival keeping it local

34. Jeffrey Liles' encyclopedic knowledge of Dallas music

35. And the all-but-perfect sound at the Kessler Theater

36. Patio shows at Club Dada

37. Free shows at The Foundry with great beer and fried chicken from Chicken Scratch

38. Catching hot new bands before they get big at Three Links

39. And having Fuzzy's Tacos right next door

40. Drinking a Yoohoo Yeehaw and watching metal bands at Double Wide

41. The hen dance at R.L.'s Blues Palace

42. R.C. & the Gritz's open mic at The Prophet Bar every Wednesday

43. All the wonderfully weird ways that Erykah Badu pops up in the news

44. Seeing Sealion get better with every time they play

45. John Iskander booking great touring bands and going out of his way to help out local ones

46. The way the music community banded together to help the Phuss' Trey Alfaro after his bicycle accident (and how he returned to playing so quickly)

47. Rev. Gean West's return to the stage at the North Oak Cliff Music Festival after his heart surgery

48. Finally getting to hear Mike Scaccia's incredible guitar playing on Rigor Mortis' Slaves to the Grave

49. The chance to see Centro-matic play Dallas one last time (and Denton three more times)

50. The rebirth of Deep Ellum and the robust health of the Dallas music scene


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