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6 Songs for Your Lonely Holiday Party of One

The dancer in RYAL’s video is all of us, dancing around in our loneliness ahead of Christmas.
The dancer in RYAL’s video is all of us, dancing around in our loneliness ahead of Christmas. Jacque Ryal
After spending nearly an entire year in isolation, we’re heading into a dark and lonely winter season. The usual holiday parties are out of the question, and as the pandemic rages, we’ve been strongly encouraged not to fraternize with anyone outside of the household. Needless to say, Christmas songs feel wrong this year. Instead, why not arrange for a solo celebration featuring some new original music that’s non-seasonal but thematic nonetheless? Here are some songs and videos to help you dance and drink away your sorrows during your holiday party of one.

Party of One, "SPCMN ft. LO"
This “quarantine production” from artist/producer SPCMN featuring rising star LO might have warm summer vibes, but its infectious beat may be exactly what you need to keep your blood pumping through the dreariest of months. “I like dancin’ better by myself,” LO declares, in a fiercely independent statement. “Don’t need no help, no offense,” she adds. Neither do the video’s quarantine dancers, who genuinely seem to be having a good time in isolation. You’ll fare just fine, too. As a bonus, “Party of One” carries a pandemic safety message. “Plz wear a mask,” the title sequence begs.

RYAL, "Thunder (Solo on The Dancefloor)"
“Thunder (Solo on the Dancefloor)” may be the most 2020 song on this list. RYAL’s most recent release was written in honor of a personal friend of the artist's, JD. Described as the “life of the party” in the New York club scene, JD sadly succumbed to a battle with COVID-19 earlier this year. The accompanying music video is an homage to him and has a stunning performance from dancer and actor Sam Given that you’ll find hard to forget. Take a cue by dressing in your finest club attire and getting lost in this intoxicating synth-pop track.
Loners Club, "Shooting Up The Club (prod. Def Starz)"
If the top-notch choreography in the music video for “Shooting Up the Club” doesn’t inspire you to dance your worries away, Loners Club’s crystal clear and impressively agile vocals will. “Alone is a mystery. Can’t see my heart if it’s missing,” the singer reflects, seemingly to herself, in a breathy, spoken introduction before the soulful dance beat begins. Loners Club makes dancing alone with a broomstick seem more acceptable than it probably should be (it helps to have moves like the dancers in this video). Groove along with them and you won’t feel like such a loner, even while at home by yourself, accompanied only by a few assorted cleaning supplies.
Tayla Parx, "Dance Alone"
Dallas native Tayla Parx is a big deal, and that’s by no means an exaggeration. Even if you don’t recognize her name, you’ve likely seen her face and heard her work. As a kid, she stole the show in the 2007 movie version of Hairspray, and her co-writing credit on Ariana Grande’s “Thank U, Next” earned her a Grammy nomination. None of that seems to matter when you hear her performance on “Dance Alone.” She clearly has all the makings of a solid solo career. Even though she croons “I don’t wanna dance alone,” she dazzles by doing just that in this irresistible music video. While watching this delectable gem, it’s nearly impossible not to bust out some moves of your own.
Camína, "Forever and Always"
“Forever and Always” by Camína drips with strong “end of the night” vibes. Go ahead, down a bottle of wine and wrap your arms around yourself while swaying solo to this powerhouse of a ballad. Throw some red solo cups and party hats around the room for extra ambiance. If you’re lucky enough to live with a romantic partner, this song will probably get you lucky in the other sense of the word. In this heady track, the artist’s wistful vocals convey a doleful longing for dearly departed loved ones. Subliminal ghostly images suggest her late puppy occupies a top spot on that list. 
Cody Lynn Boyd, "I Want You Near"
“I Want You Near” is a perfect drinking song. The gorgeous accompanying video is as mesmerizing as the track itself. Cody Lynn Boyd’s distinctive vocals send a chill right to the core, especially with lyrics like “If I dressed like the night / And stayed out of sight / I would steal you away.” Really, he’s just trying to convince his beloved not to fear his love, however frightening it might seem: “I don’t wanna break you / I don’t wanna hate you / I just wanna love you.” The video, filmed in Zaragoza, Spain, offers a lonely painter gazing at old photographs and painting what looks to be a portrait of his parents on their wedding day. These haunting images, together with this feat of emotion in musical form, culminate in an overwhelming wave of loneliness that will make you want to drink until you pass out. A fitting end to this nightmare of a year.
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