6th Street-walking: Jibberjabbering With Fight the Quiet

Names: Chris Juargo (left) and Mikey Bielecki (right) Spotted: 6th.

Chris, handing me a flier: Come to our show tonight. We're in a band called Fight the Quiet.

Only if you let me take your picture.

Mikey: You have to get in the picture with us. We like hugs.

There's no one around to take the picture. So [ignoring him] just, get together. Yeah, that's it. [Click.] What bands have you seen so far?

Chris: We're not really seeing people. We're going around checking out what's going on, but we drove out here from Flagstaff, Arizona to try to get some work done and promote.

Give me a two sentence description of your band. Chris: A catchy blend of power-pop and alternative rock with nice hooks?

Aw, c'mon. That's boring. What do you guys sing about?

Mikey: He's the guitarist, I play drums, we don't know. No [to Chris], what does Nate sing about?

Chris: Nate sings about joy, happiness, the usual -- love.

Did you say love or muff?

Chris: Yes.

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