Around Austin

6th Street-walking: Jibberjabbering With the Locals

Names: Mike (left), Jimmie (right) "spelled with ie." Spotted: 6th and Brazos, Austin.

You live in Austin? How do you like it? It's kind of overrated. I'm thinking about moving.

Jimmie, what's that a nickname for? Jimmie: That's it. James is my name, but I'm not Jemima or anything. I'm not black.

I can see that. What've you been doing so far? Jimmie: We've been seeing free shows and drinking cheap beer.

What've you seen? Jimmie: I've seen Boris and the Melvins. I'm all about where I can go for free or get cheap beer. I can't wait for the FREE PUBLIC ENEMY concert! points down to where it'll be held.

What's it like being from Austin and having all these people here for the week? Mike: It's too much having all these people here. Jimmie: There's more attractive guys than usual. I can walk around and just be like, hellloooo. Mike: A lot of girls. Jimmie: A lot of girls with big butts and boobs, so I can [makes ass-squeezing motion with her hands] and then say he did it.

What's your tattoo? Jimmie: It's a dancing robot. It's my souvenir from Phoenix, Arizona.

What does a dancing robot have to do with Phoenix? Jimmie: I wanted a dancing robot and I went to Phoenix for two weeks to hang out with a friend and I was like, 'I'm here and i should get a souvenir.'

So I guess you won't ever forget Phoenix. Jimmie: I know, isn't that awesome?

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