A Very Hipster New Year

New Year's Eve at Hailey's got off to a slow start. Doors opened at 7 p.m., but naturally, people had to look their best and be fashionably late. Thus, the vast majority of people arrived between 11 p.m. and midnight.

And when they did, it was as if several busloads of people showed up all at once, which resulted in a long line to get in the club, which resulted in some grumbling and complaining from those who had to wait outside.

"It was crazy," says bar manager Rocky Ottley. "The crowd went from like zero to 150 in no time."

By the end of the night, more than 400 people showed up to ring in the New Year at the venue. And the crew at Hailey's knows how to throw a party: From Halloween to Christmas, this year (or, rather, last year), the staff consistently put together excellent shindigs with great bands. This New Year's Eve party was no exception—and not just because of the ample supply of freebies (hats, horns and other party favors; complimentary Champagne to toast the New Year).

The party was impressive, to say the least. Epic even?

"The party was epic," DJ Ian Bangs says. "And Damaged Good$ was insanely good."

Yeah, they were; Trak Bully and Coool delivered a phenomenal performance. Gazelles and Vega also put on memorable live sets, while Bangs, Joey Liechty (aka Yeah Def), Jason Faries (aka Females) and Robbie Call (half of Billingham's Defense System) kept the floor packed with their DJ sets.

People danced plenty for Vega too, with its revved-up, space-disco dance set. As mentioned in last week's North of the Dial, it was ex-Ghosthustler Alan Palomo's first time performing this material live. "I thought it went well," he says. "I was pleased with the crowd's reaction. It was encouraging, and I remembered why I do this."

The evening's impressive line up forcefully put the last nail in 2008's coffin.

Oh, and the crowd at Hailey's was dressed to the nines. (You never see that many well-dressed people congregated at one time in Denton other than at commencement ceremonies). That sorta makes sense, because, as unforgettable as the music was that night, one of the most striking things to note about the party was the sheer number of hipsters and such who made the trek up Interstate 35 from Big D to celebrate in li'l d. It truly was a hipster New Year, for better or worse.

"I wish people would learn to come earlier or be patient while they wait in line," Ottley says. "People can't all show up late and expect rock star treatment as they make their grand entrance."

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