After 18 Years At The Station, Josh Venable Is Named Program Director at 102.1 The Edge

Just a couple months after celebrating 17 years on the air as the host of KDGE-102.1 FM The Edge's Sunday night staple, "The Adventure Club," Josh Venable can now add another notch to his belt: This morning, he was named program director of the station.

It appears for now as if he'll continue his on-air duties as the midday host on The Edge in Dallas, as the Sunday night host of "The Adventure Club," and as an afternoon jock on Clear Channel's Los Angeles affiliate, KSYR.

[Update: Venable confirms that he'll retain all of these on-air slots.]

Says the Edge's operating manager Patrick Davis of the hire in the press release announcing it: "The combo of a great on-air jock and someone who has a vast knowledge of music in general, let alone The Edge audience, is a killer combo we couldn't pass up.""

Indeed, Venable knows his Edge. And, as such, there's little doubt that this is a happy day for Venable. Back in May, he told us about how he scored his gig with The Edge in the first place -- basically by begging area legendary radio legend George Gimarc for work while he was still a high school student listening to the station.

"From what I remember and the story that Gimarc and I have told back and forth over the years, is that I finally just begged and begged and begged, and finally one day, he said, 'Josh, what is it that you want to do here?' And I said, 'I will do anything! I don't care!' He'd say, 'Show up sometime this week after school.' Needless to say, I skipped school the next day and showed up at 8:30 in the morning. I did everything: I got coffee, I made copies, I put away CDs. I did whatever. Like I said, I was a senior in high school getting to meet all my favorite bands. I was still extremely wide-eyed and couldn't believe all this was happening to me. It was a kind of nice, Almost Famous existence for a while."

Says Venable this morning of the news: "This all started 18 yrs ago, [and with] my mother constantly asking if this is really what you think you'll do forever with a worried look on her face.This job is the only thing I've wanted career-wise since I was a kid."

After the jump, the full-on press release. But not without saying this much first: Congrats, Josh, on this well-deserved promotion.

Josh Venable Named PD At The Edge In Dallas

CLEAR CHANNEL Alternative KDGE (102.1 THE EDGE)/DALLAS names JOSH VENABLE as PD replacing VINCE RICHARDS who exited in APRIL. VENABLE, who calls DALLAS home, started his radio career in 1993 at THE EDGE as a high school intern. For the past 18 years VENABLE has taken on many roles from on-air host to MD. He is also the host of the THE ADVENTURE CLUB, the long-time running three hour SUNDAY night specialty show.

In addition to his role hosting middays in DALLAS, VENABLE has been MD/afternoons at sister Alternative KYSR (98-7fm)/LOS ANGELES. He will remain on-air in LOS ANGELES.

"A new chapter begins today in THE EDGE's 20-year history and I'm happy to name JOSH VENABLE as its leader," said KELLY KIBLER, Pres./Market Manager, CLEAR CHANNEL RADIO/DALLAS. "He has an ease in working with clients as well as record labels that will lend to new business and opportunities."

"The combo of a great on-air jock and someone who has a vast knowledge of music in general, let alone THE EDGE audience, is a killer combo we couldn't pass up," added OM PATRICK DAVIS.

VENABLE said, "I'm thrilled to finally be at the helm of the station that made me want to work in radio to begin with. I know what THE EDGE brand means to the listeners of DALLAS/FORT WORTH. As one of the first Alternative stations in the country, we've always been at the musical forefront. I look forward to continuing KDGE's longstanding tradition of strong ratings and great music."

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