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Alan Palomo's First Post-Ghosthustler Effort Is Ready For Your Ears

Where Palomo's going, they don't need roads. (Spencer Cogburn)

...and the guy's really changed things up!

OK, well, not really. Mostly, it's just more of the same infectious, heavily '80s-influenced electro dance pop. The new song's called "All Too Vivid," and Palomo's got a new moniker, too: Vega.

Cool? Yeah. But I kinda prefer the name he told me he was considering right after Ghosthustler broke up: Dead City Heat.

Anyway, this shit's all over the Web today (seriously, is there a local music blog that isn't creaming itself over this track today?), so we're just dutifully spreadin' the word here. You can check the track out on Vega's Myspace page, or you can just head on over to GvB and download that ish right now. --Pete Freedman

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Pete Freedman
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