Dallas Observer Music Awards

Announcing the 2015 Dallas Observer Music Awards Showcase Schedule

Now's when the real fun begins. Voting has been open for the 2015 Dallas Observer Music Awards for just about six weeks, and we're in the home stretch. (If you haven't already voted, you'd better make your way over to 2015musicawardspoll.dallasobserver.com and make sure your voice is heard!) The awards ceremony — aka our special 27 Club-themed costume party — will take place at The Bomb Factory on Wednesday, December 9.

All that's left to sort out is who will be playing the showcase, and where. This morning we have the full showcase schedule for you, which includes more than 40 artists and runs from 7 p.m. to 2 a.m. on Saturday, December 5, in Deep Ellum. Time to get out your spreadsheets and start planning.

Club Dada (inside)
8:40 — The Azalea Project
9:40 — Teen Slut
10:40 — Kaela Sinclair
11:40 — Mayta
12:40 — Party Static

Club Dada (outside)
8:20 — Filth
9:20 — Bobby Sessions
10:20 — Rat Rios
11:20 — The Rich Girls
12:20 — Blue the Misfit

The Door
8:00 — Fab Deuces
9:00 — Le Cure
10:00 — Justin Pickard
11:00 — Pearl Earl
12:00 — Dezi 5

The Green Room
8:00 — Mariachi Quetzal
9:00 — LEV
10:00 — Lord Byron
11:00 — Yells at Eels
12:00 — Rahim Quazi

Off the Record
9:00 — Bemyfriend
10:00 — Wanz Dover
11:00 — Cygnus
12:00 — Sober

The Prophet Bar
8:20 — Venetian Sailors
9:20 — Kirk Thurmond
10:20 — The Free Loaders
11:20 — Charley Crockett
12:20 — Oil Boom

9:20 — The Boombachs
10:20 — Supersonic Lips
11:20 — iill
12:20 — In Memory of Man

Three Links
8:40 — Bad Mountain
9:40 — Claire Morales
10:40 — Buffalo Black
11:40 — Lily Taylor
12:40 — Vandoliers

7:40 — $kaduf
8:40 — Wesley Geiger
9:40 — The Outfit TX
10:40 — Sudie
11:40 — Straight Tequila Night
12:40 — Ishi

Voting for the DOMAs will remain open until midnight on Friday, December 4, the night before the DOMA showcase. While the ceremony on the 9th will be free to enter, tickets start at $15 for the showcase and are on sale at ticketfly.com. VIP tickets will also be available for those seeking the deluxe treatment at the DOMA showcase. VIP includes access to all participating venues, three free drink tickets at the private bar, catered buffet and a free DOMA T-shirt.

All guests must be 21 years of age with a valid ID to attend the showcase and 18 years of age to attend the ceremony.
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Jeff Gage
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