As Songs About Jenny Go, We Much Prefer Rob Viktum's Version

Maybe you remember this post from a week and a half ago. The one about the craptastic song someone wrote for Jenny the Elephant (which, by the way, is now up for free download if you follow that link). Yeah, that one.

Anyway, we had two reactions when we first heard it: 1) This is terrible; and 2) There's gotta be someone out there who can do a better job than this.

So, we thought, instead of asking someone else to write a brand new song, we'd take the modern route and ask a local hip-hop producer to strike up a remix for us. First person who came to mind? Area DJ Rob Viktum, who, we told you a while back, has done a few remix jobs for the kickass Def Jux label and just got back to town after a tour with Mr. Dibbs (El-P's DJ, formerly of Atmosphere). His response when we first asked him? "Absolutely." After all, he told us, he's a bit of an animal activist. (Who knew?)

Turns out, though, Viktum later realized that he couldn't really do a straight up remix for the "Jenny's Song" track. Mostly, 'cause he, too, hated it: "I just couldn't think of any way to make that song hip," he says with a laugh. "Y'know, not to be rude to whoever that group that did it was or anything..."

Of course not. So what'd he end up doing? Well, he went through his record collection, found a couple of samples worth using, scoured the Internet for others--in that process, he came across the Lily Tomlin PSA Robert posted to Unfair Park--and created a whole new track.

Bonus mp3:

Rob Viktum -- "Jenny's March"

Rob Viktum -- "Jenny's March"

His goal: "Instead of coming across blatantly throwing the message out there, I wanted the song to inspire the same feelings with this song. If it's labeled 'Jenny's March', maybe people will want to go out and research it," he says. "And I think my version is just as informative as what they were doing is."

We, of course, agree. --Pete Freedman

Rob Viktum spins alongside DJ Fishr Pryce every Thursday at the Fallout Lounge for the weekly "2 DJs, 1 Club" party. Keep up with Rob's blog at

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