Aural Ambush: West Village Rocks Turbo Fruits

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This week, we traveled to West Village to see how people there felt about Turbo Fruits, the Tennessee-based indie rock outfit.The folks we stumbled across in West Village compared Turbo Fruits' "Where The Stars Don't Shine" to the likes of the Ramones and the Beatles. And though they found the recording of the song to be a bit "garage," they nonetheless found the song fun and dance-able. They also thought that the band fairly likely to play a good live show.

Good news, then: Turbo Fruits is slated to come through the region for a gig at Denton's Rubber Gloves on Saturday, December 18. And if you want to go the live show, well, you're in luck. Rubber Gloves has been nice enough to pass along two free pairs of tickets to lucky DC9 Readers interested in seeing Saturday night's show. And if that's not enough, Turbo Fruits was also kind enough to pass along this song as a free MP3 download.

Download the song and see how to win your free pair of tickets to Turbo Fruits' show after the jump.

Bonus mp3:

Turbo Fruits -- "Where The Stars Don't Shine"

Turbo Fruits -- "Where The Stars Don't Shine"

Want the tickets? Just be among the first two people to email Pete with the words "Fruity Rockets" in the subject line, and you're in. Good luck!

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Sartaj Chowdhury
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