Ballers and Shotcallers: Play-N-Skillz and Def Jam's All-Star Weekend Finale at PM Lounge

Play-N-Skillz and Def Jam's All-Star Weekend Finale Party
PM Lounge
February 14, 2009

For Grammy-winning hip-hop producers Play-N-Skillz, Sunday night--the last night of a jam-packed, celebrity- and part-filled weekend--saw the brothers Salinas hosting not one, but two parties.

Earlier in the evening, the brothers welcomed a number of Dallas Cowboys and Mavericks to its main home for the weekend, downtown ultralounge Plush. But, as the night came to its close, and with it the entire weekend, the duo took to the Joule Hotel's PM Lounge to join Def Jam Recordings in bidding adieu the biggest weekend in Dallas hip-hop history.

But unlike the crazy party atmosphere on, say, the brothers' Thursday night event at Plush, this one has more of a reflective feel, as the brothers--clearly exhausted from a weekend filled with the ups-and-downs of the weather--saw things wind down before their eyes.

That's not to say the place wasn't amped up, though--it was, crazily so. Especially when Bun B, right after a live-from-the-DJ-booth performance of "Homegurl" from Dallas' own Bone, grabbed the microphone and dropped a couple of verses over Jay-Z's ridiculous "On To The Next One" beat.

Those, without a doubt, were the highlights for this largely out-of-town set (if the crowd's responses to Play-N-Skillz's from-the-booth queries were a fair indicator). So, too, was the celebrity spotting at this rather exclusive affair, which saw more than a few would-be entrants turned away at the door.

Unlike the brothers' other weekend events, though, this one offered another cool perk: Play and Skillz each took turns in the booth, DJing for the crowd. Their selection was interesting--everything from modern urban radio hits to old-school favorites. More impressive, though, were their cuts, mixes and fades, which easily showed up the house DJ who was in place before the duo's 1 a.m. arrival.

The brothers often talk about their days as club DJs before production work consumed the bulk of their time. Last night it was on display.

Celebs Spotted: Play-N-Skillz, Bun B, B-Hamp, Bone, Inertia, Baby Bash, Miles Austin, model Amber Rose.

Celebs Promoted:
Just Play-N-Skillz, although Bone, as a Def Jam signee, was pretty much a sure bet, too.

Drinks Slung:
Nothing specific. Not really a bottle service crowd, though; the bars were packed all night.

Music Played: Some Dallas stuff--Bone's "Homegurl" got a good response, the GS Boyz's "Stanky Legg" did not--but mostly older favorites, really. Everything from A Tribe Called Quest to, swear to God, Another Bad Creation's "Iesha."

Clothes Worn: Club-going casual. Some were in suits, others in hoodies.

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