Ballers and Shotcallers: The 8th Annual Kenny Smith All-Star Bash at Deux Lounge on Friday

The 8th Annual Kenny Smith All-Star Bash
Deux Lounge
February 12, 2009

Considering the influx of fliers and Facebook spamming that has gone on over the past few weeks, Kenny "The Jet" Smith's party was relatively word-of-mouth. But that didn't stop the powers that be at Deux from needing a pop-up tent to extend the size of their venue.

Even the early arrivers (where 10:30 p.m. means early) were treated well. Usually, a warm up deejay is average at best, but the cat who opened up for New York's DJ S&S had the bottle service set two-stepping in their booths and waving their glasses in the air.

Deux is a relatively small spot as far as clubs go, and partygoers gravitated to either side of the room, leaving a virtual catwalk in the middle of the floor to witness the star power as it moved through the room. The first few celebrities trickled in: Kurt Thomas, Michael Bivens, host Kenny "The Jet" Smith, Kevin McHale, Steve Smith, Dennis Scott and Reggie Miller--and they all moved about in the darkness unbothered.

Finally, the witching hour hit: By 12:30 p.m., crowds swarmed the tent entrances, V.I.P. wristbands were denied and faces and egos crumbled as party promoters demanded $50 or take-your-ass-outta-here. Inside, S&S spun a set that would have made New York City proud and there was wall-to-wall ballers, booty, and bottles popping.

That's the stuff an AllS-tar party is made of.

Celebs Spotted (in addition to those mentioned above): Chris Tucker, Chris Webber, Polow da Don, Rev Run, Mike Epps, Ed Lover and Charles Barkley.

Celebs promoted: Kenny "The Jet" Smith

Drinks Slung: There weren't any event-specific cocktails but the VIP was laden with magnum-sized, gold bottles of Moet.

Music Played: '80s and '90s hip-hop, East Coast rap, Reggae, New Jack Swing

Clothes Worn: Suits, designer party dresses, and an occasional catsuit.

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