Best Bets for New Year's Eve Concerts

Money, parking, overcrowded venues and quality of music; these are just a few things that come to mind when deciding where to go this New Year’s Eve. Here is a list of 1- possibilities followed by a scaled score (10 being the best bet) to rate the perspective overall experience. (Or you can always

scope our list of top NYE club events


Spoonfed Tribe, Oso Closo at the Granada (4)

Spoonfed Tribe are yet another in the long line of bands in the spirit of Phish, Widespread Panic and, of course, the Grateful Dead. After Denton’s Oso Closo gets the audience interested, Spoonfed will lull them right into deep slumber.

The Old 97s, Drams, Boys Named Sue at Longhorn Ballroom (9)

OK, so the Old 97’s are kind of, well, old. That doesn’t detract from this great triple bill of Americana/country/rock/whatever. Rhett Miller might be prettier, but Brent Best writes a better song and them Boys Named Sue could kick their collective ass.

The Tejas Brothers at Dan’s Silver Leaf (5)

If you can’t get drunk and dance to Tejano-inspired rock and soul, well you best get out of Texas.

Chris Knight, Darryl Lee Rush at Love and War in Texas (7)

Local roots rocker Darryl Lee Rush just released his sophomore disc, Live From the River Road Icehouse, so this should be a chance to catch his full band in a rowdy environment. Along with headliner Chris Knight, a better duo of songwriters is not likely to be found.

Apocalypse Dudes, Thunder Nut at Double Wide (10)

It costs only $7 and includes a “Champagne of Beers” toast at midnight with Miller High Life all around. Add in two tribute bands that play respect to Turbonegro and New York Dolls and you have yourself the white trash New Year’s Eve every trailer park calls for. No wonder it’s at the Double Wide.

Before the Fall, Kessler at Darkside Lounge (3)

Members of Arlington’s Before the Fall are cute and they play perky pop punk. Their bangs hang perfectly across their heavily shadowed eyes as they dream of becoming the next My Chemical Romance.

Fever in the Funkhouse at Club Dada (1)

As Deep Ellum fades away, what could be more depressing than parking just about anywhere and reliving past glories with one of the area’s most underachieving collectives? (From the looks of the comments on our entry about this show, you guys are skeptical, too.)

The Stratoblasters at Sons of Hermann Hall (6)

For more than 20 years, these guys have been laying down some ultimately greasy soul and blues, backing the likes of the legendary Bug Henderson. Bring some Viagra to go with your Budweiser.

Petty Theft at Cambridge Room, House of Blues (8)

The Ticket’s own Mike Rhyner creates fartforms by covering Tom Petty. Rhynes whines and wheezes as much as he sings, but the band is hot and hundreds of inebriated P1s will be shouting out “Where’s Greggo?” at the most inappropriate times.

Rigor Mortis at Red Blood Club (2)

Extremely dated heavy metal memories. These guys have been around longer than dirt and their music has never proven to be nothing more than semi-competent replication. How many years can one bang one’s head before finally wheezing out, “I’ve fallen and I can’t get up”? -- Darryl Smyers

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