T.Y.E. has been releasing music in preparation for the June 9 release of his debt album, 32.EXPAND
T.Y.E. has been releasing music in preparation for the June 9 release of his debt album, 32.
Mikel Galicia

The Best New Music in Dallas

Six Shooter is a recurring feature where we highlight six new releases by North Texas-based musicians.

Lord Byron – We Kill Cowboys So Death Rides a Horse
On his second album, We Kill Cowboys So Death Rides a Horse, East Dallas rapper Lord Byron goes beyond the norms of hip-hop and dabbles in the avant-garde and experimental. “I’m basically trying to break out of the stereotype that I’m a hippity-hop rapper,” he told the Observer last week. We’d be hard pressed to find someone who would describe his music like that, anyway, but have fun listening. As is the case with his previous work, the most rewarding part is deciphering the lyrics within his dense flow.

Dorrough – “Why My Fade So Fresh”
On “Why My Fade So Fresh,” Dorrough teams up with up-and-coming Dallas rapper Mo3 for a radio-ready track. The formidable duo display remarkable chemistry as they rap about the sacrifices they've made to succeed in music.

T.Y.E. – “Eternity”
T.Y.E. has been releasing music in preparation for the June 9 release of his debut album, 32. The video for “Eternity” takes T.Y.E. back to Abilene Christian University, where he studied on an opera singing scholarship but left before graduating. “'Eternity' is a song about the choices we make to pursue happiness, the people we meet on our journey and the gradual realization that life is actually heaven – unless the Devil corrupts your perspective,” T.Y.E. told The Fader earlier this month.

Medicine Man Revival – “Bittersweet”
Soulful blues duo Medicine Man Revival has performed in Deep Ellum nearly every week this year and generated quite a buzz in the process. But its their work didn’t exist anywhere online until this past month when it released the video for what may be its debut single, “Bittersweet.” That single, coupled with a KXT Live Session posted earlier this month, suggests it's only a matter of time before Medicine Man Revival starts attracting a larger following.

Catslash – S/T EP
Catslash classifies his music as darkwave witch house, and it’s pretty hard to disagree with those descriptors. This self-titled EP is haunting, aggressive and a thrill to listen to. The opening track, “Allison,” juxtaposes a pleasant falsetto with crashing drums, heavy reverb and screeching synths.

Vandoliers – The Native
The already skyrocketing Vandoliers got another big boost earlier this month when former Observer music editor Jeff Gage included the band in Rolling Stone's "10 New Country Acts You Need To Know" list. The mention was perfect timing because the six-piece band fronted by Josh Fleming just released The Native, its sophomore album, and set out on tour.

Extra Ammo:

Coach Tev – “Jeep Sport”

Rizzo Blaze – Blaze EP

Mega Drive – Seas of Infinity

Majik Taylor – Bad Faces

Pearl Earl – “Meet Your Maker”

Larce Blake – Why Can’t I Sleep

FlexinFab – “#sameshit”

Ignatius – Where the Spirits Roam

David Morgan – “Alive”

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