The Best New Music in Dallas

Buffalo Black at The Eastern
Buffalo Black at The Eastern
Mikel Galicia
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Six Shooter is a recurring feature in which we highlight six new releases by North Texas-based musicians

Buffalo Black — “Hustle”
For years, Buffalo Black has been heralded as one of Dallas’ most thoughtful lyricists, but his music sometimes suffers from its intensity. Good for him for taking on socioeconomic and political issues of the day, but it does make for a challenging casual listening experience. But here comes “Hustle” to ride the delicate line between smart songwriting and approachability. The artist carries the song alone, seamlessly transitioning between thoughtful, reflective raps and a melodic, earworm hook over a moody and winding beat.

Pearl Earl

 “Meet Your Maker”
Earlier this week

, the

Dallas Observer

's Kevin Ryan wrote about Denton quartet Pearl Earl's new goofy, trippy music video for “Meet Your Maker.” As lead vocalist and guitarist Ariel Hartley put it, the song is “written from an alien’s perspective, looking at humans through a lens, asking questions of, ‘Why is society so skewed?’ and ‘Who is the maker of these people like that?’” The song is also the opening track to the band’s new self-titled album, which you can listen to



Blue, The Misfit Perfect Night for a Funeral
Blue, The Misfit’s sophomore release, Perfect Night for a Funeral, is a grand and theatrical concept album. The artist describes the meaning of the album as “me being content with my life the way it is, and if I was to die tomorrow, at least I went out happy and the way I wanted to go out, so any night could be a perfect night for a funeral.”

With the release, Blue, The Misfit pulled off a rare feat these days: delivering a solid album, rather than one with two hot singles and a bunch of filler. But that's not to say there aren’t any bangers on PNFAF; “Died Last Night” and “Lost and Found” feel like hits.

The Texas Gentlemen — “Bondurant Women”

There was plenty of buzz surrounding The Texas Gentlemen, a band that rotates its members, when it announced its debut album earlier this summer. But now the anticipation for

TX Jelly

, due Sept. 15, is even greater, thanks to a series of kitschy music videos the band has put out. “Bondurant Women," a song with a '70s tone and smooth instrumentation, has the best video so far. If you’re thirsting for more, the group also released an extended version that you can watch



Acid Carousel — “Summer Girls”

Everything about this band’s previous release,

Higher Than the Beatles

, felt ridiculous — from the title to the songwriting. But that didn’t mean it wasn’t a fun listen. It just made it easy to not take the group seriously. “Summer Girls” has a much different vibe, though. The artwork is a departure, and the music is so good you can’t help but take it seriously. Not only is it a perfect summer jam, but it has us looking forward to what the young band does next.

98 — “Jonah (feat. Chubby)"
“Jonah” isn’t a perfect song. 98’s voice is flat and Chubby’s is sharp. It’s also not the type of song that's suited for radio, but it’s got a whole lot of charm. The beat is bouncy and lush, and it complements 98’s earnest vocals and lighthearted lyrics. It invokes the feeling of hearing Dej Loaf’s “Try Me" for the first time. It’s also worth noting that Chubby’s vocals seem to borrow heavily from Drake’s “Fake Love." Nonetheless, this is a fun, charming song that caught us by surprise.

Extra Ammo:

Herrick & Hooley

Summer of Love

T.Y.E.  "32 Lifestyle"

Calhoun Football Night In America

Pat Ron  “Left N Right”

Garrett Owen  “Rose Hill”

FlexinFab & Dro Fe

 "Same Gang"

Diego Money  "In Da Streets"

Ronnie Fauss “Saginaw Paper Mill”

Lost Balloons


Two Knights


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