Schlomi Bagdadi is a new duo: Fort Worth's Jordan Richardson and Brooklyn-based musician Laura Hajek.
Schlomi Bagdadi is a new duo: Fort Worth's Jordan Richardson and Brooklyn-based musician Laura Hajek.
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Best New Music in Dallas

Six Shooter is a recurring feature in which we highlight six new releases by North Texas-based musicians.

Soulzay – “Body Roc’N Like This”

Soulzay’s art is proof positive that he’s a student of the rap game. His catalog of music reaches back to the days of UGK’s "Ridin Dirty" and Three 6 Mafia’s "Mystic Stylez," and while those seminal works clearly influence his, he samples the sounds and adds his rap stylings in a refined way that pays homage rather than steals. With Southern rap’s history at his lap, it’ll be interesting to see what else Soulzay creates alongside his DoomShop collective.

Schlomi Bagdadi – “Child Cough”

Fort Worth’s Jordan Richardson (Son of Stan) and Brooklyn’s Laura Hajek (Edith Pop) are Schlomi Bagdadi, a new duo dishing out quick-paced drum- and synth-heavy tunes. The band's debut single is "Child Cough," and with the release of this track, the duo announced an album is on the horizon in 2018.

Cuban Doll – Aaliyah Keef

Cuban Doll, not to be confused with Dallas rapper Asian Doll, had one hell of a year. She’s never struggled with garnering attention. She has more than 645,000 followers on Instagram, with superstars Drake, Cardi B and DJ Duffey among them. Her music has often felt rudimentary, even derivative, but this year, she tapped into her Aaliyah Keef persona and found a new energy and better production. With the way Cuban Doll finished 2017, it won’t be a surprise if 2018 is her breakout year.

Jon Theory – "#ffffff"

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Jon Theory’s music video for “#fffff” is eye-catching to say the least, but when absorbed with the track, it’s downright affecting. The hyperpersonal song taps into the prejudices minorities' face when they enjoy experiences labeled "white." The image of Theory literally and figuratively being painted white in the song and video is one of the most powerful pictures conceived by a Dallas artist this year.

scum – “i got”

If rap is the new rock 'n' roll, which eventually broke apart into subgenres such as punk, hardcore and emo, then Scum’s “i got” is a prime example of the new emo being created by hip-hop obsessed teens who are just as affected by their angst as the sad-sack emo bands of the '90s and early aughts. This track is beautiful, sad and on the precipice of inventing something new.

Go Yayo x Trapboy Freddy x Lil CJ Kasino x Yella Beezy (and more) – “6 Pick”

North Texas needs more tracks like this. “6 Pick” brings together several of the most well-known rappers from Fort Worth, Dallas and everywhere in between. It’s a beautiful sight to behold, but more important is the production effort that went into this venture. It's clear that the ensemble wrote the track together; their raps intertwine with one another and build off each other. In the music video, all of the rappers move together as one unit.

Extra Ammo:

CardiacTheGhost – “Easy”

Stephen Carmona – Time’s Intention

Outtrash – "Save Our Souls"

Scott Ferguson – “Memphis”

Pedigo’s Magic Pilsner – “Orion”

Kaz Moon – “dba.1986”

G.U.N. – “Overseas”

Margaret Chavez – “Call For Cull”

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