Sub-Sahara may have the song of the year on its hands.
Sub-Sahara may have the song of the year on its hands.

The Best New Music in Dallas

Six Shooter is a recurring feature in which we highlight six new releases by North Texas-based musicians.

The Outfit, TX — “Told That Bih”
The Outfit, TX’s video for “Told That Bih,” off its new album, Fuel City, is nothing short of a marvel. The rap trio is known for its thoughtful videos, and this Dance Dailey-directed piece is no exception. It instantly pulls in even the casual hip-hop fan thanks to its ode to the Grand Theft Auto video game series. Once you're in, JayHawk’s energetic deliveries and equally charismatic performance will hook you. It's unusual for him to host a track by himself, as is the case here, but there is a great cameo from Mr. Live.

Kaela Sinclair — “Don’t Follow”
It’s been 18 months since Kaela Sinclair answered the open casting call put out by M83’s Anthony Gonzalez for a new member and won the position. In that time, the former Denton resident has toured the world, made national TV appearances and transitioned into life in Los Angeles. Those changes gave Sinclair plenty of fodder for solo material. Earlier this month, she released We Watched The Lights Go Out, a four-song EP that is one of three planned upcoming releases. On "Don't Follow," Sinclair blows us away with her sultry voice and piercing writing.

Flexinfab — “snap crackle pop”

“snap crackle pop” is an oddly refreshing treat from the North Dallas glam rapper Flexinfab. Since the release of his breakout single, “Aye Ok Alright,” Flexinfab has begun to rely increasingly on autotune. That has produced some great tracks, such as “Friends," but the shtick quickly wore out. “snap crackle pop” reminds us why he's garnered so much attention. It features his signature off-kilter delivery, trap-influenced beats and radio-ready feel.

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Sub-Sahara — Dominance EP

Sub-Sahara’s four-track release is an exploration of sound. No song is built the same, and each poses a different challenge to the listener, whether it's a moment of pure lo-fi noise, as heard at the 1:30 mark of “Pelican Trash,” or the conflicting paces that build up on “Terracotta." A moment of clarity or beauty always seems to follow each of those moments. In fact, “Terracotta” is more than just a highlight on the release. It’s a fantastic song that has the potential to be the song of the year.

Cameron Smith • Sur Dada — Paper Knife
In the past month, Texas Monthly, Central Track and FW Weekly have honored Cameron Smith and his new album, Paper Knife. Smith's album is a collection of material that he wrote in collaboration with other artists over many years. The 10 songs range from lo-fi pop to psychedelia to country and Americana.

Earlier this year, the Observer wrote about Blu’s return to his home of Pleasant Grove after stints in Tennessee, New York and California. In that interview, Blu promised he'd soon release his debut album, YOU CAN’T MAKE ME, and now it’s here. The 14-track release is an earnest, introspective journey into the rapper’s past, present and imagined future. The album is proof of Blu's talent as a lyricist and versatile vocalist. Sometimes it's hard to believe it's only Blu performing on the album.

Extra Ammo:

Silas Nello — "The Jester"

Sunbuzzed — Sunbuzzed

Xes — Velvet

Lord Byron — “BBB (Big Baller Bandz)”

Ronnie Fauss — Last of the True

Diego Money — Go Diego EP

Luna Luna — “80’s Tune”

Midnight Opera — “Chromatose” Official Video

Le Royce — “No Need To Think About It (Feat. Devy Stonez)”

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