Bob Log III

Little is known about Bob Log III, the mysterious one-man Delta blues wrecking ball from Tucson, Arizona, other than the self-propagated tall tales of his origins and the debauched accounts of his freakish live performances.

For one thing, there is his choice of attire: Mr. Log never appears in public without wearing a motorcycle helmet, which he's outfitted with a crude mic inside, so as to be able to perform without removing his trademark shroud. Then there is his drink of choice, boob scotch (scotch that has been stirred by the breasts of female audience members), which is typically prepared while Log performs a song of the same name. As such, whether you choose to believe the Internet rumors about him—like the one about his left hand being surgically replaced with a monkey paw—it's not difficult to see where they come from.

There's little doubting his talent, though: Log plays a lighting-fast brand of Delta slide guitar that barely seems possible, even before one considers the fact that he's also simultaneously playing drums with his legs—legs which, after years of touring, have become so strong that his beat is not even slowed when he bounces women on them while performing "I Want Your Shit On My Leg."


Bob Log III

Simply put, Bob Log III makes Jack White look like a featherweight by comparison.

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