B.o.B.'s "So Good": What's Wrong With Treating Your Lady To A Trip To Argentina?

Recent weather in the DFW area might not feel like spring, but a few sunny tunes have parted the clouds. Among them is "So Good," the third single from B.o.B's upcoming sophomore release, Strange Clouds. More good news: the Atlanta rapper is coming to town on May 15.

This track represents B.o.B's pop-oriented side, down to the mandatory monosyllabic chant after the chorus.The writing credits for "So Good" include Ryan Tedder, who wrote last year's unavoidable, optimistic tune "Good Life" for his band OneRepublic.That same sunny optimism appears on this track. With its lavish globe-trotting theme, "So Good" has a few advantages over another popular track about traveling and enjoying luxury, Jay-Z and Kanye West's "Niggas in Paris" from last year's Watch the Throne.

First, the piano in "So Good" doesn't sound like it came from a horror movie. Second, B.o.B. enjoys Paris and travels to a few more places to boot. Most importantly, B.o.B. is actually inviting the subject to join him in this adventure instead of boasting about it from an exclusive position, as Yeezy and Hova do. B.o.B's defining trait is his humility in the face of any background and genre.

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Shahryar Rizvi
Contact: Shahryar Rizvi