Bonus MP3: A.Dd+ -- "Howdy Do"

We've recently gotten our hands on the first single from the forthcoming A.Dd+ album, When Pigs Fly, a catchy little jam titled "Howdy Do."

From the opening bars of the track, it's quite clear that these boys are dealing with some serious ammunition, armed with the production of local super-producer Picnictyme. A.Dd+ are sure not content to let Picnictyme's prowess overtake all of the limelight, though, as the duo deftly floats over this beat with clever wordplay that teems with a brand of creativity bubbling all over the local underground hip-hop scene as of late.

It's pleasing to hear the kind of overstated confidence that normally prevails in the world of rap today actually backed up with skillful lyricism: "Yes we so awesome, go and tell a friend / while you stuck on the runway, I'm flyer than I ever been."

And no review of this track would be complete without mention of the exceptional chorus and song title, "Howdy Do," a terribly catchy regional salutation.

Who knows? It may just have enough traction to be heard on a regular basis in the local hip-hop community in 2010.

We'd be all for that. Check out the song after the jump.

Bonus mp3:

A.Dd+ -- "Howdy Do"

Stay tuned for When Pigs Fly, due out in the next few weeks.

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