Bonus MP3: A.Dd+ -- "Insomniac Dreaming (Produced by Black Milk)"

Ever since the release of the free When Pigs Fly album back in March, we've been consistently fed with new tracks from the fellas in A.Dd+ -- "loosies," they're calling them, tracks that didn't quite fit When Pigs Fly and aren't quite in line with the band's next planned release, an EP set to come out in 2012, tentatively called The Plus Sign is Silent.

These songs are no less impressive, though; "Can't Come Down" even got some Gorilla Vs. Bear hype back in September, for instance.

The latest of these "loosies," a track called "Insomniac Dreaming," earned its release today. The laid-back song continues the band's prodigious output and unique take on things, and the production, courtesy of Detroit rapper/producer Black Milk ("Deadly Medley" off of his 2010 LP, Album of the Year, is a must-hear), is on point.

Give it a listen and download after the jump, where you'll also find some more news on The Plus Sign Is Silent.

Bonus MP3:

A.Dd+ -- "Insomniac Dreaming (Produced by Black Milk)"

In many ways, "Insomniac Dreaming" serves as a warm-up for that next release; Black Milk has officially signed on as a producer for The Plus Sign Is Silent. So, too, has When Pigs Fly executive producer Picnictyme and locally based Beyonce, Kanye West and Jay-Z producer Symbolyc One.

But be patient on that release.

"Folks probably won't hear any of those tracks for some time," warns A.Dd+ manager Rosalinda Ruiz.

Good thing these "loosies" are so solid, then.

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