Bonus MP3: Final Club -- "Wizard Wells"

Earlier today, Denton's Final Club uploaded the finished version of all six of the bands songs--which means that, for the first time, many of the band's fans can finally hear what frontman Brendon Avalos' vocals sound like.

See, when Final Club's debut performance drew a sell-out crowd to Dan's Silverleaf last month, the band only had a handful of instrumental tracks posted on its MySpace page. And, in anticipation of the band's gig tonight at Rubber Gloves Rehearsal Studios (which also happens to be the grand opening of MEME Gallery next door), the band was kind enough to send along the track "Wizard Wells" for our listener's enjoyment.

It's sure to wake you up a little on this dreary day. And, yes, those are some pretty heavy Blade Runner references in the latter half of the song.

Bonus mp3:

Final Club -- "Wizard Wells"

Final Club -- "Wizard Wells"

"We always want to squeeze a little Sci-fi into people's lives," Avalos says of the spoken-word plot synopsis of the neo-noir classic. "We're not ashamed to be nerdy by any means."

In the coming days, our pals at Weekly Tape Deck should have the entire EP, called Hot Gaze, available for free digital download. So keep an eye out for that. Till then, stream the whole thing over at the band's MySpace page.

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