Bonus MP3: Fizzy Dino Pop -- "Space"

We've made no secrets about our approval of Fizzy Dino Pop's J-pop-infused electro sound. But even we'll admit: Since beatmaster Avery Williamson's singing collaborator Yuria Hashimoto moved off to Japan (as Williamson will soon do himself), the group's live show has been somewhat lacking.

But last weekend's show at Hailey's, where the band played as part of the Spune 2k10 Winter Dance Party event that also featured Ishi and Neon Indian, there were signs of improvement: Williamson was joined on stage by two new contributors, a visual artist named Marcus Webb and a live drummer in J.J. Mudd from Ishi, and, well, things improved.

And, says Williamson, fans can expect more of an improvement tomorrow night when Fizzy Dino Pop plays Denton's Cold Fusion Lounge alongside past collaborators, hip-hop duo Sore Losers (who'll be performing slower songs from its recently released, free-to-download mixtape Free Loaders: The Soundtrack) and a band from, duh, Japan named emic, which is celebrating a new CD release as well.

"We're promoting it as Fizzy Dino Pop presents 'Hope Spell,' a multimedia experience with performances by Fizzy Dino Pop and Sore Losers, with visuals by Marcus Webb," Williamson says via email. "We have a lot of interesting interactive stuff going on for this show... My performance will be dictated by the visuals like a soundtrack."

Sounds pretty cool. Just like the new song Williamson passed along with his note as a free download for DC9 readers. Check it after the jump.

Bonus mp3:

Fizzy Dino Pop -- "Space"

Fizzy Dino Pop -- "Space"

If only there were a regular Japanese discotheque around town.

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