Bonus MP3: Nana y Popo -- "En Mi Sueños"

As mentioned in this week's North of the Dial, Nana & Popo are scheduled to perform at The Bee's Fifth Collective's first official event, which will be held at J & J's Pizza.

But, March 20 is still a ways off, so, we contacted Nana & Popo to see if we could get our paws on an mp3 from the Denton-based band for you to hear.

Turns out, "the band" is just Anthony Diego Hipólito Cruz. And the track he sent us late last night, "En Mi Sueños" (which translates to English as "In My Dreams"), solidly represents the otherworldly dreamscapes that Cruz creates in most of his songs.

Bonus mp3:

Nana y Popo -- "En Mi Sueños"

To achieve his ethereal, Flying Saucer Attack-influenced sound, Cruz typically plays a Fender Jazzmaster while making heavy use of an Electro-Harmonix Big Muff, some drum machines and samplers, and, um, three DigiTech Digi Delay Pedals.


No, not at all considering that the layers and waves wash over you until you like you've just waded out neck-deep into the ocean. 

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