Bonus MP3: Roy Robertson -- "Drifter"

The music of Roy Robertson may border on indie-folk, but the native Texan is getting ready to show the Metroplex that his music really plunges much deeper than this well-explored territory.

Perhaps this is but one explanation as to why there has been so much buzz surrounding the UNT junior in the local music scene of late. Or maybe it's just Robertson's somewhat recent move to Denton from nearby Midlothian.

"I lived an hour away from Denton and moved up for a couple months in 2009 and began making friends," he says. "I moved down to Austin and realized Denton was definitely the better place to be creatively. The community in Denton is a lot warmer and less about making money and more about making music."

Robertson and his assembled band of backing musicians are set to make their coming out party of sorts on the first night of Denton's NX35 Conferette, where they'll be sharing the stage at The Hydrant with the likes of fellow folky Dentonites Daniel Folmer and the A.M. Ramblers, plus Fort Worth's The Cut*Off.

In the meantime Robertson will have his hands full prepping--count 'em--four new releases.

"The LP [The Moth & Moon] will be out by the summer," Robertson says. "After that, I have two EPs ready to record and another LP, which I'm writing now. I'll be producing all of them and playing most, if not all, of the instruments."

DC9 readers won't have to wait until this summer to hear what kind of gems The Moth & Moon promises, as Mr. Robertson has been kind enough to pass along the track "Drifter" from the upcoming album. Check it out after the jump.

Bonus mp3:

Roy Robertson -- "Drifter"

The more digital feel, especially with the tape-reversing bit near the track's end, shows Robertson further pushing the boundaries of indie-folk and moving towards creating a sound that is, well, all his own. 

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