The Hope Trust
The Hope Trust

Bonus MP3: The Hope Trust -- "Throw Me Overboard"

The release of The Hope Trust's Light Can't Escape, one of our most anticipated albums of 2010, seems to have rolled over into 2011. Thanks to their strong debut, The Incurable Want, the anticipation for a follow-up has only grown. But that's because Kelly Upshaw and the rest of the guys in the band are such perfectionists.

And, on Tuesday, February 8, the band will breathe a sigh of relief after their long-awaited sophomore album earns its release. And, just three days after that, on Friday, February 11, they'll celebrate the release with a show at Dan's Silverleaf along with Matthew and the Arrogant Sea and Baruch the Scribe.

Their patience and hard work seems to have paid off, too, at least judging by the sound of "Throw Me Overboard," the forthcoming record's first single, which you can find after the jump. The song is an uptempo, minor-key jam that blends a certain quiet melancholy with a driving rhythm.


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