Last week, Ms. Merritt Martin reviewed the debut disc from the greatest (and only) band currently holding down Adair's on Monday nights. And, in it, Merritt had this much to say:

It's not quite as gritty as the Bucks' live show, but, in the end, the band's debut is at once Nudie suit, Texas Playboy and Branson, with a few tears shed at a dive bar and a can of Lone Star thrown in for good measure.

There's more to her favorable review, of course, but therein lies the crux of it. Indeed, if there's one way to describe the debut disc from The King Bucks, surely, it's to call it "Texan". On that note, check out and download the opening track from the album, "Autumn Leaves"...

Bonus mp3:

The King Bucks -- "Autumn Leaves"

Bonus MP3: The King Bucks -- "Autumn Leaves"

The track, penned and sung by bassist/guitarist Danny Balis, certainly sets the mood for the rest of the disc and its retro-country ways. Catch the Bucks tomorrow night at the Double Wide, where the boot-skooters will open for another retro-minded act (albeit in a completely different way), the once-Dallas-based The Strange Boys, who'll be in town celebrating the release of their new disc (and probably checking in with pops).

An odd pairing? Perhaps. But Double Wide booking agent Chelsea Callahan tells DC9 that The Strange Boys requested the Bucks be put on the bill. Which, I think, is amazing.

Update: In somewhat unrelated news, Bucks keyboard player Chad Stockslager has a new TV cop drama he'd like you to check out.

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