Bonus MP3: VIDEO -- "Images"

OK, Dallas: If in the last three months you hadn't yet found time to drive to Denton to catch one of VIDEO's sets, and you aren't planning to see them in Austin tonight, then tomorrow night will be your first chance to catch the band considerably closer to home. As we told you yesterday, VIDEO will be playing Saturday's Parade of Flesh show at Dallas DIY venue The Handsome Kitten (located at 824 Exposition Ave., No. 8).

The band's booked as local support for Seattle's The Intelligence, along with Denton's PVC Street Gang. So, if you're "over" hearing stories about how much fun some of us find Denton house shows, then you'll probably want to stay home. Your loss, though; this promises to be a memorable one. Especially if the band doesn't just save its cover of The Misfits' classic "Bullet" for its Denton audiences.

Anyway, VIDEO was kind enough to sent along an mp3 of "Images," which frontman Daniel Fried says is one of the band's "older songs." Check it out after the jump.

Bonus MP3:

VIDEO -- "Images"

VIDEO -- "Images"

Of course, in VIDEO's case, "older" only means since, like, July. But, according to Fried, the band was recording new material this week as recent as Wednesday. So, we'll probably be hearing more from them soon.

See you at the show...

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