Bonus MP3s: Denton Duo Roy G. and The Biv Returns As Production/Remix Outfit Basho

It's been a while

since we heard anything from the half-Denton- and half-Boston-based electro-dance duo

Roy G. and The Biv

. Turns out, that's because Max Townsley and Drew Erickson decided to put the band to rest. They've still been keeping busy, though -- most recently, Townsley filled in as the touring guitarist for a time in fellow Denton-based outfit



But, more recently, following Erickson's long-time-coming move from Boston to Denton, the two are back together and making music once more. And, actually, they've got two projects in the works: One called Colors, which will find the group performing original music, and another called Basho, which will find the twosome reveling in production and remix work.

The early returns from Basho, as you can see in the above clip that remixes Birdman and Lil Wayne's "Stuntin Like My Daddy" from a street anthem to an electro-pop gem, are impressive. And, the band's been kind enough to pass along downloadable mp3s of both the above track and their remix of Chromeo's "Don't Turn The Lights On" to DC9 readers. Grab them after the jump.

Bonus mp3:

Birdman feat. Lil Wayne -- "Stuntin' Like My Daddy (Basho Remix)"

Bonus mp3:

Chromeo -- "Don't Turn The Lights Off (Basho Remix)"

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