Bonus MP3s: Fizzy Dino Pop Lets Us Sample Its New, Irresistable J-Pop Dance Sound

For a few years now, Denton's Avery Williamson has been creating music under his Fizzy Dino Pop moniker, mostly existing in a computer-generated emo-core realm, combining eight-bit samples and sounds with angsty, often-screamed vocals for a sound that was certainly mind-boggling but also oddly tempting.

In a change of pace, though, Williamson's most recent works have a far more universal appeal--and a decidedly upped international flavor as well. Now joined by Kyoto-based vocalist Yuria Hashimoto, Fizzy Dino Pop's latest material is more J-pop in nature than anything else. And, by layering futuristic synths and electrodance beats underneath Hashimoto's soft vocals, it makes for an incredibly catchy, fun sound.

Others have noticed, among them the much-buzzing Neon Indian, which has commission a Fizzy Dino Pop remix of its blog hit "Deadbeat Summer," which should see its release in the coming weeks. Already, the duo's remix efforts have done wonders for local hip-hop act Sore Losers, whose already-catchy "Bizarre Celebrations" track was transformed by Fizzy Dino Pop into an irresistable elctro-dance track that ranks among the best local tracks we've heard in 2009. After the jump, enjoy a free download of that remix, courtesy of Williamson, plus two new tracks for download from Fizzy Dino Pop's upcoming EP release.

And be sure to catch Fizzy Dino Pop in a rare performance with Hashimoto on Sunday night at The Cavern, where the band will perform alongside Dallas' Ishi and Kansas City's Ssion.

Bonus mp3:

Sore Losers -- "Bizarre Celebrations (Fizzy Dino Pop Remix)"

Bonus mp3:
Fizzy Dino Pop -- "Hello Party!"

Bonus mp3:
Fizzy Dino Pop -- "Electric Future"

A fun, fun sound, with a bright, bright dance-party future. We'll have a longer feature in the dead tree version of DC9 in the coming weeks, explaining the intricate creation process behind these sounds, so keep an eye out for that for sure.

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