Bonus MP3s: The Artist Formerly Known as Objektiv One Shares His New Chillwave Side.

Tomorrow night at The Door in Dallas, amongst a bill of rather run-of-the-mill mall-punk acts, there exists quite the treat: The Secret Handshake, which as you know, is essentially just Dallas' own Luis Dubuc, will solely be performing songs from his upcoming disc, Night and Day, a Motown-inspired affair, which we had the pleasure--and, really, I mean that--of hearing some snippets of a few weeks back. Earlier this week, Dubuc uploaded "Domino" the lead single from the disc, which is set for an August 17 release, to his social media sites; check it out on his MySpace page and I think you too will be pleasantly surprised by the result.

But in addition to the new sound, Dubuc's also got himself a new backing band these days. And among the band members suiting up and standing behind podiums (y'know, to really send the Motown concept home) with Dubuc at his show tomorrow night? Another DC9 favorite, Objektiv One. Or, at least, that's what the hip-hop mash-up artist/drummer/producer/graphic designer/MPC wunderkind used to be called. Earlier this month, the man behind the moniker, Ross Edman, clued us into his new name: Datahowler.

And with Edman's new stage name comes a new sound, too: Like Alan Palomo before him, Edman's going chillwave. After the jump, check Edman's first two releases under the Datahowler moniker--he's been kind enough to offer them up to DC9 readers as a free download.

Bonus mp3:

Datahowler -- "Estate"

Bonus mp3:

Datahowler -- "Black Swans"

It's a major philosophical shift for the young artist--and an alluring one, too, if also an unexpected one. We kinda hope this doesn't completely mean the end of hip-hop and mash-ups for Edman (why not use both names still?). But, still, this is some fairly promising stuff here, these two new songs.

Worth keeping an eye on? Certainly.

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